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The house by the lake is a restaurant.湖边的那座房子是家饭店。

He entered by the back door.他从后门进入。

The project was viewed favorably by the committee.那计划受到该委员会的好评。

He let himself down slowly by means of a rope.他用一条绳子滑下来。


He hurried by and disappeared in the wood.他匆匆走过去,消失在森林里。

I always keep a bottle of wine by in case friends call round.我平时总存着一瓶酒以备朋友来时喝。

He lives near by.他住在附近。



On a cold evening it is pleasant to sit by the fire.

He keeps a dictionary by him when he’s reading.

Be here by four o’clock.

She should be back by now.

If they have a journey to make, most people prefer to go by day.

They came in by the back door.

Are you to go there by bike or by bus?

You can order tickets by telephone.

The money will be paid by cheque.

He seized her by the arm.

Man does not live by bread alone.

They were making a living by selling souvenirs to the tourists.

They decided to raise the money by subscription.

By temperament he was an artist.

They always addressed each other by their Christian name.

By God he’s done it!

I did it all by myself!

The meeting will be held in the school hall, by permission of the headmaster.

The steamer will go west by north.

They were playing cards by electric light.

I go by the house every day.

We lost the match by one goal.

He deals ill by his wife.

It’s not fair to judge people by their appearance.

Its grant is to be cut by more than 40 percent.

Most workmen are paid by the week.

The lounge is twenty feet by fourteen.

Day by day he applied himself to the task until it was finished.

He was brought up by an aunt.

Above it hung an oil painting by Beryl.

We should help our brother communities by all means in our power.

Oh by the way, have you heard from Bill lately?


She hurried by without speaking to her teacher.

Come by for a drink after work.

She stole the book when no one was by.

用作介词(prep.)by accident偶然地 without any intention or planning
by all means一定,务必must
by analogy用类推方法by a process of reasoning between parallel cases
by analogy with根据…类推deducing (sth) according to sth
by any chance或许; 可能 perhaps; possibly
by chance偶然地,意外地 by accident; accidentally; unintentionally
by common consent公认 generally acknowledge
by comparison比较起来when compared
by contrast参见contrast条。
by courtesy of蒙…的好意,蒙…提供 by the permission or generosity of sb
by degrees一点一点地,逐渐地 gradually
by far…得多,更,尤其 by a great amount
by hand用手;亲自 using one’s hand; in person
by heart凭记性 by memory
by itself独自地; 无需外力地alone; without help
by leaps and bounds非常迅速,突飞猛进very quickly and successfully
by means of参见mean条。
by mistake错误地 as a result of carelessness, forgetfulness, etc.; in error
by no means参见mean条。
by reason of由于because of
by rights要是公正的话,公正地 if justice were done; in justice
by the book按规则,依照惯例according to the rules
by the by顺便提一句by the way
by the same token由于同样原因,同样地in the same way
by the way顺便地,附带说说 used to introduce a comment or question that is only indirectly related, if at all, to the main subject of conversation
by trial and error反复试验,不断摸索by trying various solutions and learning from one’s failure
by turns轮流地; 交替地 one after the other; in rotation
by virtue of凭借,依靠,因为,由于by means of or because of sth
by way of意在,为了 with the intention of or for the purpose ofBy way of introduction to my subject,I’d like to tell you how I first came to be interested in it.为了引入我的话题,我想告诉你我起初是怎样对这个问题感兴趣的。
用作副词(adv.)by and by不久,马上 before long; soon
by and large总的来说 on the whole;in general

abide by遵守,履行

adopt by acclamation通过口头表决方式通过

brush by触到,擦及

carry by acclamation通过口头表决方式通过

catch sb by surprise使某人吃惊,使惊异,使感到意外

characterize by以…为特征

clap sb by the heels给某人上镣铐;把某人逮捕入狱

come by(尤指通过努力)得到,获得;偶然得到

deal by对待

die by one’s own hand自杀

divide by除

do by待,对待

do by halves做…半途而废

do right by sb公平地对待某人,给某人应有的评价

drop by the wayside半途而废,中途退出

escape by the skin of one’s teeth死里逃生

fall by the wayside半途而废,中途退出

fall together by the ears扭打起来;争吵起来

get by通过障碍

get sb by the short hairs控制住某人,使某人就范

get the wrong sow by the ear弄错了人(或事),得出错误结论

go by从…经过

go by default没有,缺乏;因疏忽(或未该做的事)而致丧失

go by the board从外侧落出;被遗忘,被忽视;落空

go by the book遵照规章行事

go by the name of用…的名字

go by the wayside被撇在一边,被搁置,被抛弃

grab time by the forelock抓住时机

hang by a hair千钧一发;岌岌可危;摇摇欲坠

hang by a thread千钧一发,岌岌可危

hang by the wall被搁置不用,被打入冷宫

hang (on) by the eyelids千钧一发

have a bear by the tail遇到难以应付(或控制)的事情

have a tiger by the tail遇到劲敌;处境比预料的困难

have a wolf by the ears处于危急境地

have sb by the short hairs控制住某人,使某人就范

hold by坚持;遵守;接受;赞成

intoxicate sb by醉;陶醉于

judge by按…判断,断定,认为

know by sight与…只是面熟(并不熟识)

lead sb by the nose牵着某人的鼻子走;完全控制某人

lie by躺在…旁边

live by one’s wits靠耍花招(或耍小聪明)骗人过日子

lay by放在…旁边

lay sb by the heels把某人逮捕下狱;推翻某人;挫败某人

live by以…为生计;遵守,遵循

lose by因…遭受损失,因…而吃亏

mean well by sb对某人怀有好意

measure another’s corn by one’s own bushel以己度人

measure another’s (man’s) foot by one’s own last以己度人

miss by a mile远远没有击中,完全离谱;遭到惨败,完全不成功

oblige sb by为某人效劳,帮忙

pass by经过,从…旁走过

play it by ear根据情形行动,即时应付

profit by得益

pull up by the roots连根拔起

push by赶上;超越



seize time by the forelock抓住时机

set by尊重,重视

set by the ears使争吵

set sb by the heels给某人上镣铐;把某人逮捕入狱

sit by坐在…旁边

sit by nelly跟别人学着做

sth to remember sb by供别人记住某人的东西,别人赖以记住某人的东西;让某人记住某人厉害的一顿揍

speak by the card说话精确

stand by支持或帮助;信守(诺言等)

stand by one’s side站在某人的旁边,道义上支持某人

stick by忠于,对…真心;坚持,维护(原则等)

swear by极其信赖;凭…发誓,以…名义发誓

take an occasion by the forelock抓住时机

take an opportunity by the forelock抓住时机

take by抓住(某物或某人的部位)

take…by storm攻占,袭击;使倾倒,使神魂颠倒

take by surprise使吃惊,使感到意外;奇袭,使措手不及

take sb by the short hairs控制住某人,使某人就范

take the bull by the horns大胆地对付困难(或危险)

take time by the forelock抓住时机

tell by根据…判断〔推断〕

vote by acclamation通过口头表决方式通过

what do you mean by…?你说(或做…)是什么意思?你怎么胆敢…?你凭什么竟敢…

win by a short head(赛马时)仅以一个马头的距离获胜,以极小的差别获胜,险胜


do the handsome〔decent〕 thing by宽厚地〔亲切地,慷慨地〕对待

set one’s eyes〔an eye〕 by喜爱,看重


as if by magic立即,飞快地,快得(或好得)令人难以置信的

by a canvas以毫厘之差

by a hair’s breadth(以)极少的数量或极短的距离;险些,间不容发地

by a long way远远地,大大地

by a neck(赛马中)以一颈之差(获胜或失利)

by a nose以少许之差

by a short head(赛马)以不到一个马头的距离;以极少的量

by a street以悬殊(或差距),大幅度地

by accident偶然,意外地

by accident of凭机遇;靠命运

by agency of由于…;通过…

by air坐飞机

by (all或long)odds大大(胜过),远远(超过)

by all accounts据说;根据报道

by all appearances显然;外表上

by all manner of means用一切手段;好的;当然

by all means用一切手段;好的;当然

by an eyelash差点儿不,几乎不

by analogy用类推的方法

by any chance或许;可能

by any means用任何可能的办法,不惜任何代价,无论如何

by any manner of means用任何可能的办法,不惜任何代价,无论如何

by any possibility以任何可能的方法

by any stretch of the imagination尽管怎样想象,任凭如何异想天开

by avocation副业是

by auction拍卖

by appointment约定

by birth出身

by blood按血统

by chance偶然

by choice如果必须选择的话;凭爱好

by coincidence巧合

by common consent经一致同意

by comparison (with)与…比较起来;通过比较

by contract承包

by contraries与预期的相反;与逻辑相违背;相反地

by contrast相比之下

by course of按…的惯例

by courtesy of承蒙许可;承蒙好意

by crack哎呀,我的天哪

by day白天

by default因对方、他队等未出场

by definition根据定义;实质上

by degrees逐渐地

by dint of借…的力量,凭借;由于

by ear凭听觉

by easy stages途中有停歇地,行行歇歇地,从容不迫地

by fair means or foul用正当或不正当的手段,不择手段地

by fits (and starts)一阵一阵地;间歇地

by force用武力

by force of凭借,由于;以…手段

by good luck侥幸

by goods用货车装运

by guess凭猜测

by guess and by God凭猜测;凭直觉和约略估计

by guess and by Godfrey凭猜测;凭直觉和约略估计

by guess and by gosh凭猜测;凭直觉和约略估计

by guess and by golly凭猜测;凭直觉和约略估计

by half到极大程度,大大地

by halves部分地,不完善地;半心半意地,不太热心地

by hand人工的;捎来的

by heart熟记

by heaven哎呀,天哪

by hook or by crook用种种方法;不择手段地

by ill luck不巧

by implication含蓄地;暗示地

by inches差一点儿

by instinct凭本能

by leaps and bounds极其迅速地

by lease以租借方式

by long chalk(s)远远地,大大地,在很大程度上

by main strength以全力,靠全身力气

by marriage通过姻亲关系

by means of用…

by mistake弄错

by my faith我担保,千真万确

by my troth我保证

by name名为;名叫

by nature天生

by necessity of circumstances由于客观情况需要,为情势所迫

by night在夜里,趁黑夜

by no manner of means一点也不;决不

by no means一点也不;决不

not by a long chalk完全没有,一点也不

not by a long shot远不,根本不

not by a long sight远非;一点也不

by number按数字,根据号码

by numbers按数量上的优势

by occasion of因为,由于

by one’s own admission自己所承认

by one’s own fair hand亲手,亲自

by one’s (own) bootstrap依靠自己的力量,自力更生地

by one’s (own) lights按照自己的能力

by order of奉某人之命;按某人的命令

by origin按出身

by post邮寄

by profession职业是

by rail由铁路,用火车

by reason of由于,因为

by reason that因为,由于

by reputation由名声

by repute由名声

by request (of)就(…的)要求(或请求)

by retail零售

by return由最近一班回程邮递

by return of post由最近一班回程邮递

by return of mail由最近一班回程邮递

by right of因为,由于

by rights按理说;基于正当或合法的权利

by road由公路

by rote凭记忆

by rule按规则

by rule and line精确地,精密地

by sea由海路

by sight仅识其面

by some means or other用某种方法

by the book严格按规则

by the by顺便提一句

by the bye顺便提一句

by the day按日

by the dozen按打;成打的(地)

by the ears不和,在争吵中

by (the) favour of烦请…面交

by the grace of承蒙天恩

by the gross大宗地,大量地;以批发方式

by the hands of经由的…的手

by the head船头吃水比船尾深的;微醉

by the holy poke一定

by the light of nature天生的;自然而然地

by the job按每件工作

by the look(s) of照…看来

by the name of称作;叫做

by the numbers按口令

by the piece按件(或个等)计算

by the same token同样地;同理

by the sea在海边,在海滨

by the seat of one’s pants凭感觉,凭本能,凭经验

by the side of在…旁边,在…附近

by the skin of one’s teeth仅;刚刚

by the square精确地,确切地

by the stern艉部吃水较深地,后倾地

by the sweat of one’s brow靠自己辛勤劳动

by the sweat of one’s face靠自己辛勤劳动

by the way在路上,顺便问一下

by the yard冗长地,没完没了地

by thumb以免费搭车方式

by trade职业是

by trial and error反复试验,不断摸索

by turns轮流

by virtue of凭借

by vocation职业是

by water乘船,由水路

by way of经由

by weight按重量,根据重量

by wholesale批发

by wire用电报

by word of mouth口头上

by your leave请允许我;对不起

not by any means决不

not by any manner of means决不

too…by half太…,过于…


bit by bit一点一点地

day by day一天一天地;逐日

drop by drop点点滴滴地,一点一滴地

inch by inch慢慢的;逐步地;一点一点地

side by side肩并肩地,一起;等同于

stage by stage逐步地,循序渐进地

step by step逐步

stone by stone一点一滴地

year by year年复一年


hard by在…近旁


by far…得多;最…;显然

by much大大地,到极大程度

by now到现在


little by little一点一滴地


by itself自动地;孤单地

by myself我独自地;我独立地

by oneself单独;独自

by ourselves我们独自地;我们独立地

by yourself你单独地,独自地;你独立地,全靠你自己


by ones and twos一次一两个,三三两两地

by the hundred成百地,数以百计地,大批大批地

by (the) hundreds成百地,数以百计地,大批大批地

by the thousand成千地,数以千计地,大批大批地

by (the) thousands成千地,数以千计地,大批大批地

by twos and threes三三两两地


one by one一个一个地

two by two两个两个地

用作副词 (adv.)动词+~

call by顺便访问

come by进来

drop by顺便访问

get by通过;还可以,勉强可接受;设法勉强生存

go by经过


roll by(时间)流逝

scrape by勉强及格,勉强度过去

stand by袖手旁观;准备行动;在场,在附近

stop by(顺便)过访,串门

tick by(时间)流逝;(钟表)滴滴答答响



by在表示时间时,常与动词的一般时、将来时、完成时或将来完成时连用。作“在…时候”解时,常用于by day〔night〕短语中。


by表示方式作“凭着”解时,其后常接反身代词; 作“乘”解时,后接交通工具,其前不加冠词。

by表示比率作“以…为单位”解时,常与表示单位的名词或数词连用,名词前常用定冠词; 作“…比…”解时,用于两个数字之间表示面积。




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