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the nubrella, which resembles a bubble wrapped around the user’s head and shoulders, works by strapping on a shoulder support and extending a canopy around the head。

weighing just over 1kg, it costs £40 and comes in either black or see-through style。

inventor alan kaufman, 49, from florida, said: “the major advantage is the wearer doesn’t have to carry anything when not in use as it goes behind the head like a hood。

“the umbrella was long overdue for some innovation, now people can ride their bikes and work outdoors completely hands free while staying protected。

“millions of people are required to work outdoors no matter what the conditions are and simply can’t hold an umbrella and perform their tasks。

“we believe this will revolutionise the industry and are targeting people who can’t use an umbrella or are too tired to hold an umbrella.”

it comes as, after a spell of unseasonable march sunshine, britons endured a washout easter weekend。

britain’s seaside resorts, last year thronged with visitors as temperatures climbed higher than spain and greece, presented a sorry picture with just the odd hardy dog walker braving the soggy conditions。

forecasters say the damp weather is set to continue with showers predicted for the rest of the week。


The umbrella


A gentleman staying in a hotel left his umbrella in the hall, but he had put on the handle a card on which was writtan: “This umbrella belongs to a gentlsman who can lift up a hundred pounds.I shall be back inten minutes.”When he came back, he found, instead of his umbrella, another card on which was written,”This card belongs to a man who can run ten miles an hour.I shall not come back.



Giving Mary Poppins’s magic umbrella some serious competition is the all new high-tech ‘Oombrella’—not only can it predict the weather, it’s also impossible to lose. The smart umbrella syncs with a smartphone app, sending users updates about weather conditions 30 minutes in advance, and reminders if they happen to leave the device behind. And here’s the added bonus—it won’t ever flip inside-out.


Designed by French company Wezzoo, the rainbow-colored Oombrella comes in two versions—classic and modern. The classic is 3.1-ft long with a curved handle, while the modern version is 0.8-ft long with a straight handle. The company describes the device as a ‘portable weather station’, made of a reflective surface with built in sensors that record real-time data such as light, humidity, pressure, and temperature. The Oombrella collects and processes this data as well as information from a social media community before sending out alerts about when it’s going to start raining.


And if the user happens to accidentally forget it at home on a potentially rainy day, or leaves it in a restaurant, similar alerts will be sent out using GPS technology to make sure you don’t lose it.


“We wanted to make this umbrella unforgettable in terms of design, too,” explains Alexandre, of Escabo design studio. “We developed an exclusive material. It makes you feel you are holding an aurora borealis in your hands. It has effects that are amazing with the light and always changing. It really makes the Oombrella special.” The ‘capsule’ that integrates all the technology, making the umbrella smart, is located in the handle.


The Oombrella is all set to hit global online and physical stores this fall. According to a company spokesperson, it will retail at 79 euros ($86), but the early bird price on Kickstarter is 59 euros ($64). For those who are rather attached to their current umbrellas, the company will also release an ‘Oombrella capsule’ that can convert any umbrella into a smart device. Now, if only it could make us fly like Mary Poppins!



As the shared economy booms in China, shared umbrellas began to appear in Shanghai earlier last week, but they disappeared quickly, Shanghai Morning Post reported last Saturday.


An online post said on May 23 that umbrellas available for public use had been spotted on sidewalk railings near Lujiazui in the Pudong New Area.


Users were able to rent umbrellas for one yuan per day after scanning a QR code to install an app, completing a registration process and paying a deposit of 20 yuan, according to the report.


But on May 25, netizens said all the umbrellas had vanished in less than a day.


Some of the umbrellas were believed to have been removed by city administrators, the paper reported.


However, a company executive said it received no notice about the shared umbrellas being banned, and would communicate with law enforcement authorities further on the matter, it added.


Few citizens had taken the opportunity to rent the umbrellas. “As the weather was so good, there was no need to rent an umbrella,” said an employee surnamed Wang. “Maybe when it’s rainy, they’ll be useful.”


The company said many of its umbrellas went missing due to a lack of GPS devices in them.









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