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  He came at an inconvenient time.


  Come, if it is not inconvenient to you.



  Internet makes it convenient for us to get in touch with each other.


  Please come whenever it is convenient to you.


  I live just by the market, and it's very convenient to go shopping. 我家就住在商场旁边, 买东西很方便。

  It's not convenient to talk here.; This isn't the right place to talk. 这里谈话不方便。

  Except that unlike before, we don't have the convenient and simple cancellationof the factorials. That happened before, because they were there. 除了和以前不一样的一点,我们没有方便,简单的阶乘的相消,这在以前发生过,因为它们存在。

  But it would be convenient—if it would work. 但如果它能行得通——交易就会变得很方便。

  As a famous lawyer, it was convenient for him to do that. 作为一名著名的律师,这样做对他来说很方便。

  When you do, you make life more convenient for customers and expand thepossibilities of what your app can do. 当你这样做的时候,对客户来说生活会更加便利,并且扩展了你的应用程序的能力。

  However, it might not be convenient in one case. 然而,在某种情况下,这种解决方案不大方便。

  Obviously, this would not be convenient for users who have multiple feeds. 很显然,这对于拥有多个提要的用户来说是很不方便的。

  Firstly, TV is not only a convenient source of entertainment, but a comparativelycheap one. 首先,电视不仅是一种方便的消遣形式,而且相对来说价钱便宜。

  Although the formatting of the highlight styles might seem convenient, you mightfind you need to change the formatting later. 虽然突出显示样式的格式化好象很方便,但后来您将可能会发现需要更改这种格式化。

  Even though this approach only lets you use one particular constructor, it makesa very convenient shortcut if that's the one you want. 即使这种方法只允许您使用一种特殊的构造函数,如果这正是您需要的,那么它将提供一种非常方便的快捷方式。

  This is very convenient for users, because it corresponds well with the essentialdesign of that ubiquitous input device, the mouse. 这对于用户来说非常方便,因为这非常符合鼠标这个无处不在的输入设备的关键设计。

  You can back up to whatever medium is most convenient. 备份到任何一种存储介质,这是最方便的。

  It might be convenient to have the test and production system together, or itmight look wasteful to assign a dedicated test system. 将测试和生产系统放在一起可能比较方便,或者,分配一个专用测试系统可能看起来比较浪费。

  A good technique is to time box these "extra requests." 4 Schedule a convenientfive-minute meeting with your friend in which he or she explains the issue to thebest of his or her ability. 一个好的技巧是对这些额外的要求进行时间限制 4和你的朋友约定一个方便的五分钟会面,会面中他或她将尽他或她的能力解释所面临的情况。

  Our house is in a very convenient area. 我们的房子在一个很方便的小区。

  These collections of themed content provide convenient containers that can then be positioned in the page layout by the theme designer. 这些主题化内容的集合提供了方便的容器,主题设计人员可以将它们定位在页面布局中。

  Having a small home garden is not as convenient as relying on agribusiness, andyet it’s worth the price of inconvenience. 拥有一个小型的家庭花园是没有像依托农业综合企业那么方便,但它值这个不便利的价。

  Finally we have a device that offers convenient and conformable consumption ofinformation, like the Web, like newspaper, like books. 最后我们会有一个能够提供便捷和舒适的信息消费的机器,就像网络,就像报纸,就像书籍。

  These choices are convenient, but they’re not our own. 这些选择很方便,但它们毕竟不是我们自己。

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