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  You are still unconfident with your speaking?


  I am always a people who is unconfident.


  I have been unconfident in whether this matter can be accomplished.


  Most of people will feel bashful and unconfident in the social activities.


  I am unconfident about myself,because I am unable to understand your thought.




  For my own part, being nice about appearance keeps me confident.


  I'm confident in the path I have chosen.


  Your encouragement made me more confident of my future.


  One has to be confident in himself.


  We are confident of victory.


  That confident fellow always keeps himself to himself. 那个自信的家伙总是离群索居。

  All you have to do in this case is be there for the child, comfort them, love themand stay confident. 在这种情形下,你必须要做的是和孩子呆在一起,安慰他们,爱抚他们,给他们信心。

  In his model, this would have only modest effects on global welfare; but howconfident can we be of that? 在他的模型中,这只会对全球的福利产生些许影响;但我们对之能够相信多少?

  Confident people believe in themselves, and because they believe, they achieve.自信的人相信自己,因为他们相信,所以成功。

  We should be confident enough to reach out to them. 所以我们要有足够的自信,向他们伸出我们的手。

  And that will be a disaster for the world because America will not lead if we arenot confident that our people are able to compete. 那对世界来说将是一场灾难,因为如果我们对自己人民的竞争力没有信心的话,美国就不会发挥领导作用了。

  We have a mental picture of ourselves, and it determines how confident we are in ourselves. 我们在脑海里都有一个自我形象,它决定了我们自信的程度。

  If you have calm, controlled and relaxed gestures, then you will be seen assomeone that is confident. 如果你有冷静,有规律,和放松的姿势,那么别人会觉得你是一个自信的人。

  Today, I want to share with you one of the most important of those lessons — oneI'm confident will help me, and you also, as we continue our journey towardfinancial independence. 今天,我想要和你们分享这里面最重要的一些课–一个是我的自信将帮助我,同样你的自信也会帮助你,正如我们继续我们的经济独立之旅。

  I have to do it before we leave to Spain…I am confident I will. 译者注)出发去西班牙之前我一定要完成它……我有信心,志在必得啦。

  Lest haply if they of Macedonia come with me, and find you unprepared, we (that we say not, ye) should be ashamed in this same confident boasting. 万一有马其顿人与我同去,见你们没有豫备,就叫我们所确信的,反成了羞愧。你们羞愧,更不用说了。

  Confident people smile because they have nothing to worry about. 自信的人微笑是因为没有什么能使他为之担忧的。

  We are confident about the development path we have chosen and about ourfuture. 自信的是,我们对自己选择的发展道路和未来充满信心。

  Teachers can help them learn to take risks in an atmosphere where they feelconfident about doing so. 教师可以帮助他们在一定的环境中冒险,使她们因为这么做而感到自信。

  But you are not ready to talk with him, because you are not confident about yourforeign language. 但是你还没准备好与他交谈,因为你对自己的外语能力没有自信。

  That means it has plenty of room to recover, if businesses can grow moreconfident. 这意味着它有足够的空间恢复,如果企业能变得更加自信的话。

  Of course, without an explanation this is about as good advice as “Just beyourself!” or “Just be more confident!”. 当然啦,不给任何的解释,它和一些不错的建议,例如“做你自己”或是“更有信心点”差不多,都没什么成效。

  In this customer?s case, we were confident that the latter was true, and this wasvaluable information for them. 在这个客户的情况中,我们确信后一种情况是对的,这对于他们来说是有用的信息。

  First, you should equip yourself with the knowledge you can acquire. Only thuscan you be confident of yourself. 第一,你应该用你学习到的知识来装备自己,只有这样你才能相信自己。

  But if we do what’s required in our own time, I am confident the future will bebrighter for our people, and our country. 但是只要我们做了时代要求我们做的事,那么我相信我们的人民、我们的国家的未来将会更加光明。

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