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  especial uncommon


  My secretary is uncommon genius.


  This case is uncommon and i can not understand.


  Hurricanes are uncommon in England.


  It is not uncommon for people to jaywalk.


  It is not uncommon for women to smoke in public.


  There was an uncommon likeness between the two boys.



  Windmills are a common sight in Holland.


  We have common topics to talk about.


  Common interests bind us together.


  Smith is a common surname.


  It is not common for him to receive letters.


  Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.


  She thought he was very common and uneducated.


  Snow is common in cold countries. 在寒冷的国家雪是常见的。

  We band ourselves against a common enemy. 我们联合起来反对共同的敌人。

  We allied ourselves with our friends against the common enemy. 我们同朋友联合起来对付共同敌人。

  The two parties were linked together by common interest. 两个党派被共同的利益联系在一起。

  Marijuana is so common in the U.S. that many want to decriminalize it. 抽大麻在美国相当普遍,以致很多人提议对此免刑或减刑。

  The failure to arrive at a common language on many problems is not to bewondered at. 在很多问题上没有共同语言是不足怪的。

  What do they have in common? 那他们有什么共同点呢?

  Do they have anything in common? 他们有什么共同点吗?

  What do they have in common? 他们有什么共同点呢?

  In this, we have common cause. 在这一点上,我们有共同的目标。

  What do they have in common? 它们有什么共同点?

  We have nothing in common. 我们两个没有共同语言。

  Let us find that common stake we all have in one another, and let our politicsreflect that spirit as well. 让我们找到我们在对方身上都有的那个共同的利益,也让我们的政治反映出这样一种精神。

  The Handshake Another common pattern we all go through is the handshake. 握手。另一个所有人都经历过的普通模式就是握手。

  Out of necessity or out of interest, people go back to school for the common goalto improve themselves. 不管是出于需要,还是出于兴趣爱好,人们重返学校是为了一个共同的目标—-提高自己。

  I believe with every fiber of my being that we – as Americans – can still cometogether behind a common purpose. 我相信,存在的每一根纤维,仍然能够让我们,作为美国人由于共同的目标走到一起。

  But all have one trait in common: They're not dollars. 但亚洲所有货币都一个共同特点:它们不是美元。

  This was the most common regret of all. 这是所有遗憾中最常见的一点。

  And there is only one explanation for that at the molecular level, which iscommon ancestor. 而对此唯一的解释就是,在分子水平上,我们有着共同的祖先。

  You know, Gordon, I should not like you. You are Scottish, we have nothing incommon and you are an economist. 你知道吗,戈登,我不应该喜欢你,你是苏格兰人,又是个经济学家,我们没有任何共同的地方。

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