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  These enzymes are incapable of breaking down or digesting wool,hair or silk fibres which are to them indigestible protein.



  Not everyone is capable of judging art.

  并不是每个人都有鉴赏艺 术的能力。

  Only human beings are capable of speech.



  Bill is rated as very capable.


  He is a very capable administrator.


  She's no less capable than the others. 她的能力并不比别人弱。

  Show your teacher what you are capable of. 向你的老师表现出你能干什么。

  In the wake of developments in science and technology, man has become morecapable of conquering nature. 随着科学技术的发展,人们征服自然的能力也越来越强了。

  Although some deployment processes can run in certain environments, allprocesses should be capable of running in any target environment. 尽管一些部署流程只在某些环境中运行,但是所有流程应该能够在任何目标环境中运行。

  Based on our design, each instance will be assigned a volume group, which willbe a shared disk capable of failing over from one server to the other upon failureof a server and back. 基于我们的设计,每个实例将分配一个卷组,该卷组将是一个共享磁盘,能够在服务器发生故障时从一台服务器故障转移到另一台并恢复。

  We have learned, however, from experience, what sort of pleasantry is uponmost occasions capable of making us laugh, and we observe that this is one ofthat kind. 然而,从经验上我们知道,什么样的幽默在大多数场合下能够让我们发笑,我们看到,以上的这种类型就是。

  So who was I if I was no longer capable and busy? 如果我不再忙碌,不再能干,那么我是谁?

  If you know yourself as sensuously capable, then you will exude that confidencenaturally—in and out of the bedroom. 如果你很清楚自己的能力,那么无论在寝室内外,你的那种自信都会自然流露。

  Through this growth you are capable of reaching new levels of passion andintimacy. 通过这个成长,你们就能够达到激情和亲密的新高度。

  Yet my experience tells me that, when they are told the story in a way they cangrasp, children are capable of understanding the message of Easter. 然而我的经验告诉我,如果按照孩子能够领悟的方式给他们讲故事,那么他们可以理解关于复活节的信息。

  Over time, they’ve spread through our genomes and though they’re still capableof hopping from one place to another, they do so quite rarely. 随着时间的流逝,他们已经遍布了我们的基因组,尽管他们仍然能够从这儿跳到那儿,他们却很少这么做了。

  So you have neutrons actually getting into the thermal energy range and thenthese neutrons become absorbed, not capable of producing fission. 所以,你得到中子会进入到,热能范围里,然后这些中子,变成吸收的,不能够产生裂变。

  This is why they lead, because they overestimate what we are capable of andinspire us to believe the same. 这就是他们为什么会成为领导者。他们会高估我们的能力,并激励大家相信我们拥有这样的能力。

  This strongly suggests that compassion is an evolved part of human nature—something we’re universally capable of expressing and understanding. 这就强烈地表明了同情是人性进化的一部分——我们能够普遍表达和理解的那种东西。

  In antiquity, their bulk also allowed them to become mobile fortresses, capable ofcarrying soldiers and archers on their backs. 在古代,它们的大块头还使它们成为移动的堡垒,能够在背上驮着士兵和弓箭手。

  If it was capable of some astonishing progress, there was another sense in whichit had to run very hard just to stay on the spot. 如果它是有能力推动一些惊人的进步,在另一种意义上,它就不得不非常辛苦的奔跑而不是仅仅停留在原地。

  There are four ways to achieve this outcome, depending on the applicationserver environment and if there are any other XA capable resource managersparticipating in the global transaction. 有四个方法可以实现此结果,具体取决于应用服务器环境,以及是否存在参与全局事务的任何其他具有XA能力的资源管理器。

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