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  breath表呼吸; 一口气; 呼吸力; 微量;的意思,那么你知道breath的短语有哪些吗?接下来小编为大家整理breath的短语搭配,希望对你有帮助哦!


  with bated breath

  屏息以待 in anticipation of sth

  The Chairman's remarks were so astounding that the audience listened to him with bated breath.主席说的话令人吃惊,所以听众都屏息听他说。

  breath of fresh air

  1.呼吸新鲜空气 breathing the fresh air

  I'm just going out for a breath of fresh air.我正要出去呼吸新鲜空气。

  I opened the window and took a breath of fresh air.我打开窗子,吸了一口新鲜空气。

  2.使人耳目一新,带来新鲜感 refreshing development

  His ideas about revitalizing the company's activities are like a breath of fresh air.他使公司恢复元气活动的意见使人耳目一新。

  hold one's breath

  屏住气 take no air in

  We held our breath in excitement.我们激动地屏息凝神。

  out of breath

  喘不过气 breathless

  He ran so fast that he was out of breath.他跑得太快,气都喘不过来了。

  I have run myself out of breath.我跑得上气不接下气。

  I'm out of breath after climbing up all the stairs.我爬完了这些楼梯后,上气不接下气。

  I got out of breath running up the hill from the station.我从车站跑上山顶,连气都喘不上来了。

  We couldn't reach the bank.The harder we struggled, the more out of breath we be came.我们到不了河岸。我们挣扎得越厉害,越是喘不过气来。save one's breath

  别白费口舌 I do not want to hear your comments

  I don't care about what you think; save your breath to cool your porridge!我不在乎你怎么想,你省点力气,别白费口舌了!


  1. I held my breath and sank under the water.


  2. There she was, slightly out of breath from running.


  3. He was aware of the stink of stale beer on his breath.


  4. The whole world holds its breath for this speech.


  5. Any exercise that causes undue shortness of breath should be stopped.


  6. Meer let out his breath in a long sigh.


  7. I took a deep breath of the fresh sea air.


  8. Hold your breath for a count of five, then slowly breathe out.


  9. Not a breath of fresh air stirred the long white curtains.


  10. Kenny caught his breath as Nikko nearly dropped the bottle.


  11. His wife sat with him until he drew his last breath.


  12. His breath was hanging in the air before him.


  13. Both animals and people were gasping for breath in the rarefied air.


  14. Cal took a long, deep breath, struggling to control his own emotions.


  15. We listened with bated breath to Grandma's stories of her travels.


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