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  n. 胸罩

  n. (Bra)人名;(科特)布拉


  You gonna sell only thirty pieces but they gonna be like two hundred dollars for a bra.

  Helmut Newton figured prominently again as an inspiration especially in the pantsuit worn with abra top.

  Under her light, knitted V-neck sweater there are only her breasts, cupped by a black or whitebra.

  The seller, who was not identified, had won the bra in a British radio contest, the spokeswoman said.

  According to court records, she was ordered to strip to her underwear and her bra was pulled out.

  The company has since branched out into derriere-boosting leggings, silicone bra inserts ("Sassymax") and, yes, nipple concealers ("Sassynips").

  She famously celebrated by ripping off her shirt and revealing what would become the most famous bra in history.

  For the record, she looks great in her red bra and matching thong.

  She puts her bra back on, but he tells her to remove it.

  Inside, the man found a torso dressed in a bra, the official said.

  Kennedy's top became a prototype for a seamless soft-cup bra she named Sassybax.

  The report says the attackers pulled off her shorts and partially removed her bra, exposing her breasts, the newspaper reported.

  And they testified that a bra clasp belonging to Kercher and found in her room had Sollecito's genetic material on it.

  One of al-Assad's advisers apparently sent an e-mail containing a picture of a woman wearing only a G-string and a bra.

  Petrini has even founded a place for the latter too, with the University of Gastronomic Science that opened in Bra, Italy.

  Underwear-clad runners will compete in a number of organised events in Douglas, Peel, Ramsey and Castletown during the island's annual Bra Dash.

  Nawab Bugti's grandson, Brahamdagh, lives in exile in Switzerland and is presumed the leader of another insurgent group, the Baloch Republican Army (BRA).

  They will be joined by Bra'Shey Ali, a transfer from Kentucky who sat out last season and has three years of eligibility remaining.

  Part of the original prosecution case was based on DNA evidence found on a knife and on a braclasp belonging to Kercher.

  You can slip it in your pocket, or put it in a silicone sleeve that can be clipped to a waistband orbra.

  The company has announced deals to roll out a Playboy-branded men's cologne and a "bunnybra, " with padding to expand it two sizes bigger.


  You know, studies show that 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size.

  She had her conservative black veil torn off to reveal her naked torso and blue bra.

  The Play's durable, nickel-plated clip securely fastens to a belt, pocket, bra or purse.

  Jason Wu also showed bra tops which he paired with either frilly skirts or tight pencil skirts.

  My sister Elizabeth suggested that I had plenty of room to carry the gun in my bra.

  The company has deals to roll out a Playboy-branded men's cologne and a "bunny bra, " with padding to make the wearer two sizes larger.

  Who else can wear a T-bone steak as a dress or show up at a baseball game in nothing but abra and knickers?

  The Museum of Fashion and Textiles in Santiago, Chile, emerged the winner of unexpectedly high bidding for the black and fuchsia Jean-Paul Gaultier bra.

  In the days before sit-ins, flower power and bra burning, Roth capitalized on the subversive appeal to kids of bleeding eyes and drooling rodents.



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