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  下面是小编为同学们整理了be 的用法口诀 ,希望大家学以致用!






  be动词的用法:be (be/is/are/am/was/were) vi

  现在时 I am, you are, he is, we are, you are, they are (缩略式 I'm, you're, he's, we're, you're, they're), (否定缩略式 I'm not, isn't, aren't), 过去时 I was, you were, he was, we were, you were, they were (过去时否定缩略式 wasn't, weren't), 过去分词been, 现在分词being


  “Be”除了原形的“be”之外,还有另外七种形式:am, is, are, been, being, was, were.

  在句子中,“be”可以是主动词(The Principal Verb)或助动词(The Auxiliary Verb)


  【当主动词时,“be”在性质上属于接系动词(The Linking Verb), 后面要有名词、形容词、地方副词或短语作补足语(The Complement)。例如:

  1. The man is a science teacher.


  2. Mary's new dresses are colourful.


  3. I have been there before.


  4. My mother is watching TV in the room.



  5. Is the man a science teacher?

  6. Are Mary's new dresses colourful?

  7. Have I been there before?

  8. Is mother in the kitchen now?


  9. Don't be silly!

  10. Do be obedient!

  11. Don't be a fool!


  12. He's not…../He isn't….

  13. You're not…../You aren't…

  【但“am + not”的缩写法只有一个:

  14. I'm not.

  有人用“ain't”, 但这并不是标准英语。


  【1.】“Be + 现在分词”以组成进行式时态(Continuous Tenses),如:

  15. Tony's maid is washing his new car.

  16. The children are playing in the field.

  17. Samuel was eating when I came in.

  18. We have been living here since 1959.

  【2.】“情态动词+Be + 过去分词”以组成被动语态(The Passive Voice),如:

  19. Her money in the drawer was stolen.

  20. A number of good jobs are taken up byforeigners.

  21. David studied in Taiwan but has been trained as a language lecturer in America.

  22. Can all the wonderful birds be found in our Bird Park?

  23. The disobedient boy was told to stand out- side the classroom.

  24. Steps are being taken to reduce traffic con- gestion during peak hours.

  25. Dishonest students will be immediately dealt with.

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