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  between释义:在 … 之间。以下是小编为大家整理了between的同义词和例句,以供参考。




  I live among the mountains.


  He climbed up the tree and hid among the branches.


  New York is among the largest cities in the world.


  This book counts among the best of his works.



  Children must attend school between 5 and 16.


  There is a generation gap between my parents and I.


  She tried to intervene between her husband and son.


  He supplements his regular meals by eating between meals. 他在两餐之间吃点东西来补充正餐。

  The little girl went between her sister and her sister's boyfriend. 这小姑娘充当她姐姐和她姐姐男朋友之间的信使。

  The object of these experiments was to find the connection, if any, between thetwo phenomena. 这些实验的目的就是探索这两种现象之间的联系,如果存在着任何联系的话。

  Mother interposed in the dispute between my brother and me. 母亲干预了我和哥哥之间的争论。

  The rift between them has not yet been completely healed. 他们之间的裂痕还没有完全消除。

  I venture to ask if anything sprang up between you. 冒昧问一句,你们之间没发生什么事吧?

  They decided to cover in the passage between the main building and the annex.他们决定在主楼与附属建筑物之间的过道上面加盖屋顶。

  The express runs every day between Beijing and Shanghai. 在北京与上海之间每天都有快车行驶。

  Alexander the Great beat every opponent between Greece and India. 亚历山大大帝打败了希腊和印度之间的每个敌手。

  They commute between Beijing and Tianjin every day. 他们每天往返于北京与天津之间。

  In order to validate the agreement between yourself and your employer, youmust both sign it. 为了使你和你的雇主之间的合同具有法律效力,你们双方必须在合同上签字。

  The differences between them have been hashed out. 他们之间的分歧已得到了解决。

  The divisions between the two neighbours have healed over with time. 随着时间的流逝,那两家邻居之间的不睦业已和解了。

  This incident will make for better understanding between them. 这次事件将促进他们之间更好地相互了解。

  This is a question much controverted between the old and the young. 这是一个在老年人与年轻人之间争论不休的问题。

  Mother interposed in the dispute between my brother and me. 母亲介入了我与哥哥之间的争论。

  The lawyer has been appointed to mediate between the employers and the unionleaders. 这位律师被指定在雇主和工会领导人之间进行调解。

  They tried to chart the sea area between Norway and Denmark. 他们企图绘制挪威与丹麦之间的海域图。

  She vibrated between the two choices. 她在这两种选择之间犹豫不决。

  The incident increased the contradictions between the two countries. 这一事件加深了两个国家之间的矛盾。

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