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  ago  previously


  The dinosaurs disappeared long ago.


  A hundred years ago, Britain had a large empire.



  B comes before C in the alphabet.


  He made a statement before the House of Commons.


  He always put the interests of others before his own.


  I'd met him once before.


  I was inspired to work harder than ever before.


  Write her before you go. 你去之前先给他写封信。

  I have seen him before. 我以前曾经见到过他。

  You have to reflect on how to answer his questions before you get to his house.在你到达他家之前你必须考虑好如何回答他提出的问题。

  Before going away, he managed his household affairs. 在离开前,他把家务都料理好了。

  She bore down everything before her. 她克服了面前一切困难。

  They fell down before him. 他们拜倒在他面前。

  He straddled before me,with a cigar in his hand. 他叉着腿站在我的面前,手里捏着一支雪茄。

  You must check your luggage in before noon. 你必须在中午以前将行李交运。

  Suddenly, an oasis started up before us. 突然,一片绿洲呈现在我们面前。

  They have to vacate their offices before Wednesday. 他们必须在星期三以前将办公室腾出来。

  You must belt up before you start to drive. 你必须在开始驾驶前系好座位安全带。

  I have to bat out a term paper before class. 我必须在上课前匆匆写出一篇学期论文。

  You should nail his truck before he drives up the mountains. 在他把车开进山里之前,你得设法把他的卡车拦截住。

  His big book is an expansion of the little book he wrote before. 他那本大部头著作是由他以前写的那本小书扩充而成的。

  You should weed the garden before supper. 晚饭前你该把花园的草除掉。

  Before going out, she surveyed herself in the mirror. 出门之前,她在镜子中审视自己。

  We'll have to get this pamphlet out before next week. 我们必须在下星期前把这本小册子发出去。

  I'm not one of the regular people here, I'm just filling in time before I go tocollege. 我不是这里的固定的工作人员,我只是在上大学以前临时工作一段时间而已。

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