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  usable, obtainable available


  Giftwrap can be a usable part of the gift.


  The manuscript might be usable, the editor wrote, if the author could fill it out a little.


  This documentation is usable for all departments.



  Do you have a room available?


  The swimming pool is available only in summer.


  All sorts of lamps are available in that shop.


  The Prime Minister was not available for comment.


  When will the plumber be available?


  This film ticket is no longer available.


  The round trip ticket is available for two months.


  We must utilize all available resources. 我们必须利用可以得到的一切资源。

  He truncated a news item to fit the available space. 他删节一则新闻以适合可用的版面。

  When you do go out, look for available deals and discounts. 如果一定要出去吃,记得查找可用的优惠和折扣。

  Use this clause if the table must be up and available at any time. 如果该表在任何时刻都必须是可用的,那么应该使用该子句。

  You have no way to indicate whether this method should or should not also beavailable to classes outside the JAR. 您没有办法来表明这个方法是否也应该或不应该对该JAR之外的类可用。

  Look for available patterns that support all or part of your domain. 请寻找为您的域提供全部或部分支持的可用模式。

  Your class will have some other facilities available to you. 这个类将有一些其他的工具提供给您。

  Do they have to wait for the information, or is it instantly available? 他们是否必须等待该信息,或者该信息是否立即可用?

  What matters is that the customize function be available. 重要的是这个定制功能是可利用的。

  In this section, we highlight some of the options available. 在这一节中,我们将重点介绍一些可用的选项。

  Custom properties are available after they have been set for the task instance, orin all task states, when they are set on the task template. 自定义属性在已经为任务实例进行了设置之后可用,或在任务模板上进行设置的情况下,在所有任务状态下可用。

  Select one or more projects to reference from the list of available projects, thenclick the >> button to add those projects to the reference group. 从可用项目的列表中选择一个或多个要引用的项目,然后单击 >>按钮以将那些项目添加到引用组。

  Custom properties are available after they have been set for the process oractivity instance, or in all task states, when they are set on the process or activitytemplate. 自定义属性在已经针对流程或活动实例进行设置之后可用,或在流程或活动模板上进行设置的情况下,在所有任务状态下可用。

  Have some background information available to buttress your case, includinglinks and citations. 有一些可用的背景信息支持你的案例,包括链接和引用。

  Each component gets slightly less space because there must be room for the tabbar, but as you tab between them, they get all the space available. 将每个组件的空间缩小一些,因为需要为选项卡栏留出空间,但在它们之间加选项卡时,它们可获得所有可用空间。

  If possible, you should examine all data fields available. 如果可能,您应该检查所有可用的数据字段。

  These bounds could specify the set of available constructors that must bepresent in any instantiation of the parameter. 这些界限可以指定一组可用的构造函数,它们必须出现在参数的每一个实例化中。

  These connections will be available, but the flow is paused until data arrives onthe socket to be processed. 这些连接是可用的,但是要对消息流进行解释,直到数据达到要进行处理的套接字。

  Now, it will return all available buffers, but you only want one. 目前,它将返回所有可用的缓冲区,但是我们只需要一个。

  You can determine the state transitions available for this application. 您可以确定这个应用程序可用的状态转换。

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