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  1. At close quarters:逼近地

  The two rivals grappled at close quarters.

  2. At cross purposes:互相误解

  I think we are at cross purposes. When I said "J.C.", I meant "Jason Chen", not "John Chen".

  3. At bay:(经常和keep或hold连用)使……不能接近

  One of the gangsters kept the police at bay until the rest escaped.

  4. At bottom:实际上

  Judy said she was not jealous of her friends' success, but at bottom, she was.

  5. At daggers drawn:势不两立

  Dan and Bob have been at daggers drawn for years. There is no evidence that they will make up.

  6. At every turn:处处

  When you go downtown, you will see shops, big and small, at every turn.

  7. At one fell swoop:一举

  Which country can invade another country and conquer it at one fell swoop?

  8. At issue:在讨论中的

  The question asked was not relevant to the matter at issue .

  9. At large:一般的;逍遥法外的。

  a. The people at large support the government's various policies.

  b. Some illegal immigrants were caught, but some others are still at large.

  10. At length:详细地

  Time did not allow the speaker to talk about the financial turmoil at length.

  11. At loggerheads with……:经常和……争吵

  Mr and Mrs Thang are often at loggerheads with each other. Why can't they get along well?

  12. At a loss for words:不知说什么好

  The news came so surprisingly that she was at a loss for words.

  13. At a low ebb:处于低潮

  Henry's mood seems to be at a low ebb now; let's cheer him up a bit.

  14. At a price:付高代价

  Some people became successful at a price; their health and family life were adversely affected.

  15. At random:随意地

  One may choose things at random, but not the prospective life partner.

  16. At the ready:处在准备状态中

  At the news conference, news reporters gathered around, pens and notebooks at the ready.

  17. At sea:茫然

  Those not interested in politics will be at sea when people discuss political issues.

  18. At a stretch:连续地

  In order to earn money, some workers do overtime works for a few days at a stretch.

  19. At will:任意地

  In a society like ours, one has to be law-abiding and not to do things at will.

  20. At one's wits end:不知所措

  Chased by the enemy to an abyss, the man could not advance any more, nor could he retreat; he was at his wits end.

  21. At heart:在内心里;本质上

  a. A good leader often has the people's interests at heart.

  b. Though Xiao Gan works in a city, he is a country boy at heart.

  22. At sixes and sevens:乱七八糟

  When the maid returned to work after three days' leave, she found all the rooms at sixes and sevens.

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