at last的同义词是什么

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  at last释义:终于; 最后。以下是小编为大家整理的at last的同义词和例句,以供参考。

  at last的同义词:

  in the end , at the end of

  at last的同义词例句:

  In the end, things will mend.


  If you persevere with work, you'll succeed in the end.


  Justice triumphs in the end.


  The salesman was so successful that in the end he hived from the firm into his own business.


  The characters in the film disliked each other at first but it all came right in the end.


  I am very much pleased that we have come to term in the end.


  Peter and Tom finally made up in the end.


  After many years of hard work, he won the award in the end.


  at last的英语例句:

  The big moment has come at last!


  Because of his irresolute character, we were defeated at last.


  The ship went down and at last went out of sight.


  He showed his sinister motive at last.


  Your efforts will not come to no avail, if you can achieve something at last.


  After much delay, he finished his paper at last.


  The two sides come to reconciliation at last.


  Only in 1687 did he at last publish his new theory.


  They rolled up at last. 他们终于坐着车来了。

  At last she was freed from all encumberances. 她终于从一切牵累中解脱出来。

  He ran his eyes down the page and found his name at last. 他的眼睛顺着这一页往下看,终于找到了他的名字。

  The resolution was repassed at last. 最后决议还是重新通过了。

  At last the wild wind calmed down. 狂风终于停了下来。

  But we have tamed it at last. 但我们终于把它驯服了。

  At last, he said, if not us, then who? 最后他说,如果不是我们,是谁?

  But at last the path emerged from the trees and stretched away in the sun. 但是,路终于从树林中显露出来,笔直向前,直至消失在阳光中。

  A villager was said to have long struggled to hold her from them, but at last theyprevailed, and he found nothing in his hands but a broomstick. 一个村民据说一直在努力抗争使她不被她们带走,但是在最后她们胜利了,而他的手里只剩下了一截扫帚柄。

  The two of us argued a year – who got the house, the furniture, the car? But ourlawyers finally cut a deal which we both thought was fair. So at last everything issettled. 我们两在房子给谁,家俱分给谁,谁该得到汽车这些问题上争论了一年。但是,我们的律师最后定了一个方案我们两都认为是公平的,所以一切终于都解决了。

  “At last, we agree on something, ” he said, before he walked through the door. “我们终于有看法一致的地方了。”他走出门之前说道。

  At last, I have made some progress. 最后,我取得了一些进步。

  At last it dawned on me that there is no way to happiness. Happiness is the way.最后,我终于明白了,没有通往幸福的路,幸福本身就是这条路。

  Then at last he had fallen to the earth, and could remember no more, nor howhe came to be where she had found him. 最后他落到地上来了,可是其余的事情他现在就记不起来了。他完全不知道自己怎样来到了这块地方的。

  At last the spotlight is just on him. 这一次,他终于可以独享闪光灯了。

  Now, at last, she stands. 如今,最后,她站起来。

  At last I owned my defeat to myself, and put the thing out of mind. 最后我自认自己的确是失败了,不久就把这事儿抛到了脑后。

  The man stopped and smiled. “At last, we agree on something,” he said, beforehe walked through the door. 这个男人快要走出大门了,他停了下来,微笑着说“最后我们在某个问题上达成了共识”

  I asked him again, and at last he came out with the truth. 我叮了他一句,他才说了真话。

  Family and friends would like privacy at last, " she said. 她的家人和朋友最终是会要隐私的,”她说。

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