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  at first释义:最初; 首先。以下是小编为大家整理了at first的同义词和例句,以供参考。

  at first的同义词:

  originally, in the beginning

  at first的同义词例句:

  In the beginning, John did good work at school.


  In the beginning, Sanford Carter was ashamed of becoming an army cook.


  Lastly, to conclude this part; as we said in the beginning, that the act of envy had somewhat in it of witchcraft, so there is no other cure of envy, but the cure of witchcraft; and that is, to remove the lot(as they call it) and to lay it upon another.

  最后让笔者赘言几句来结束这个部分。如本文开篇所言,嫉妒行为有几分巫术的性质,因此治嫉妒的最好方法就是治巫术的方法,也就是移开世人所谓的“符咒”, 使之镇在别人头上。

  at first的英语例句:

  It is much cheaper to buy goods delivered at first hand.


  Judge not of men and things at first sight.


  At first she threatened to dismiss us all, but later she relented.


  At first we didn't realized the severity of her wounds.


  Driving on the left is strange at first but you get used to it.


  At first we used hand tools.


  At first he refused to accept any responsibility but he ended up apologizing.


  We didn't trust him at first, but his charming manner completely disarmed us.


  At first I wasn't aware that he was ill. 开始我没有察觉到他有病。

  She boggled at the suggestion at first,but finally agreed to do the job. 她起先对这个建议犹豫不定,但最后同意做这工作。

  It is to be expected that an experiment will sometimes run into a snag at first. 开始试验时有时不很顺手,也是很自然的。

  Their research,at first, as nothing to with money. 他们的研究,在第一,因为没什么钱。

  I am in the early stages and although I was really happy at first, after a scare I am now depressed. 我处于怀孕的最初阶段,虽然开始我实际上是快乐的,在一次惊吓之后,我现在很沮丧。

  At first an American reader would assume that the keys are to a car — but in this case the keys are to the nation. 看到这儿,一个美国读者第一眼会以为那串钥匙是汽车上的–但在此处,钥匙则是用于管理国家的。

  At first, I just wanna have a date with her, but then I found out she was such acute girl. 他的意思就是:刚开始的时候,我就只是想和她约会看看,但后来我发现她可真是个可爱的女孩。

  Both of these approaches are great at first, but they don't scale well. 这两个办法在开始的时候都很不错,但它们伸缩性并不好。

  Even if at first you do not believe them, the more positive messages you giveyourself, the more likely you are to start believing them. 即使在开始的时候你不相信这些积极的话,你给你自己的积极的话越多,你越可能开始相信它们。

  I did not tell you this at first because I was with you. 我起先没有将这事告诉你们,因为我与你们同在。

  She is against it at first but agrees in order to fulfill her dream of finding theirmother. 她开始对这件事很抵触,但是为了完成寻找妈妈的梦想还是同意了。

  Try this: if you’re afraid to fail at something, make yourself a list of the things youcan try if you do fail at first. 试试这个:如果你害怕某事失败,或者一开始你在某事上失败了,用一个单子列出你可以尝试的其他方法。

  Although the claim at first sounds preposterous — who could possibly argue that a dictatorship is subject to the will of the people? 虽然这样的宣称在一开始听起来荒诞可笑—谁会有可能去争论专政会受制于人民的意愿?

  At first he said, `Do you want to do it or not? 女儿麦奇回忆说:“他开始问‘你想不想跳?’

  At first there were no books as we know them. 一开始当我们知道有这些出现时不存在书。

  At first I thought she had something against me, but after I observed herinteracting with our common friends, I realized she was like that with everyoneelse too. 起先我以为她是针对我的,后来发现她和其他朋友相处的时候时候也是这样,我意识到她和每个人都是这样针锋相对的。

  As you and your date are chatting, let your eyes do some traveling – but only onsafe ground at first. 当你和你的约会对象聊天时,让你的眼睛稍作一些“旅行”——但是首先要在安全地带。

  Although at first all I did was grab the spoon and perform for my grandparentsand aunts and uncles, I enjoyed it very much. 尽管我最初仅仅是在我是拿着木勺在祖父、姨妈和叔叔面前表演,但我的的确确很享受这样的过程。

  When a student from a warm country like Vietnam comes to Canada in theautumn for the first time, he feels cold at first, and most students from warmcountries do not like this. 当一个来自像越南这样温暖的国家的学生在秋天第一次到加拿大时,他首先感觉到的就是寒冷,而大多数来自温暖国家的学生不喜欢这么冷的天气。

  At first, they questioned their findings, but then Polacheck and Kamm realizedthat the cause of the discrepancy is the existence of two competing mechanisms.首先,他们质疑了他们的发现,但是接着珀拉切克和卡姆意识到这种差异的原因是两种竞争机制的存在。

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