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  (4)as far as

  He walked as far as the railway station yesterday evening.昨天傍晚,他一直散步到火车站。

  (5)as well as

  She cooks as well as her mother does.她烧菜烧得跟她母亲一样好。


  as busy as a bee像蜜蜂一样忙碌    as easy as ABC像ABC一样容易

  as deep as a well像井一样深    as light as a feather像羽毛一样轻

  as soft as butter像黄油一样软    as rich as a Jew像犹太人一样富裕

  as strong as a horse健壮如牛 as poor as a church mouse一贫如洗

  as cool as a cucumber十分冷静;镇定自若



  ①用于the same…as结构中。

  This is the same book as I read last week.这本书和我上周读的那本是一样的。

  He isn’t the same person as he used to be.


  I have never heard such story as he is telling.

  I don’t like such books as he recommends. 我不喜欢他推荐的那些书。

  ③用于"as/so +adj. + a/an + n. (单数) + as "结构中

  I am not so strong a man as I was.我已经没有从前那么强壮了。

  2、引导非限制性定从句,修饰整个主句或主句的一部分,可在句首、句中、句末。当 as 在从句中做主语时,从句的谓语动词常是被动语态或系表结构。在从句中做宾语时,从句的谓语动词常是情态动词 + 动词原形。

  As is often the case, we have overfull filled the production plan.

  This machine, as might be expected, has stopped operating.

  He came very early this morning, as (was) usual.

  She is late, as is often the case.她迟到了,这是经常的事。(先行词是整个主句)

  To shut your eyes to facts, as many of you do, is foolish.


  此外还有: as has been said before/ as may be imagined / as is well known/ as we all can see/ as often happens/ as has already been pointed out等等。


  1. 表示“好像”。如:He dressed as a policeman.

  2. 表示“作为”,“当作”。如:I found a job as a guide.

  3. 表示某人是什么某身份时。如:As a child , she was sent to abroad.

  He came to China as a tourist five years ago.他五年前以游客的身份来过中国。

  4. as引导的介词短语大多用作状语,as译为"作为";少数情况可引起宾语补足语。如:

  As a Party member, I'll take the lead in everything. (状语)

  She works as a model. (状语)

  She has me as one of her best friends.(引起宾语补足语)


  1、意思为“相同地”,“ 同样地”=(to the same degree or amount; equally)

  例如:They don’t have as many airplanes.他们没有同样多的飞机。

  This dress is twice as expensive as that one.

  2、意思为“像,如”等。如:As before, he remained unmoved.


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