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  Were the two deaths connected?


  He is connected with the Changs by marriage.


  These terminals are connected to our mainframe computer.


  These incidents are skilfully woven into a connected narrative.



  1. I associated with him in business.我过去和他合伙经商。

  2. They were associated in several clothing companies.他们合作经营过几家服装公司。

  3. There are many serious health hazards associated with smoking许多危害健康的情况都与吸烟有关。

  4. He was briefly associated with that organization.他同那个组织有过短时间的联系。

  5. She associated happiness with having money.她把幸福和有钱联想到一起。

  6. Cigarette smoking has been associated with lung cancer. 肺癌被认为与吸烟有关。

  7. Therefore, screens do not have any themes associated with them. 因此,页面不能包含任何与它们相关的主题。

  8. Both responded, pointing out some of the problems associated with aid. 而双方的回应都指出与援助有关的一些问题。

  9. What actions are associated with each part of the model? 行动与模型的每一部分是如何关联的?

  10. You need to import all the datapools associated with these scripts one by one as well. 您还需要一个接一个地导入所有与这些脚本相关的数据源。

  11. For each of these elements, it determines the associated style and looks up thatstyle in the style map. 对于这两个元素中的每一个,它都将确定相关的样式,并在样式映射中查找该样式。

  12. At this stage, each item in the list has an empty frame associated with it. 在这个阶段,列表中的每个项目都有一个与它相关联的空白框架。

  13. The drawback of this approach is that it only moves the rules themselves andregistered columns, but not the metadata associated with them (for example, theexecution history). 该方法的缺点是,它只能移动规则本身和注册的列,不能移动与它们相关的元数据(例如,执行历史)。

  14. We now turn our attention to these topics, the associated threats, and how toeliminate the threats. 我们现在把注意力放在这些主题、相关的威胁和如何消除这些威胁上。

  15. Navigate to the list of destinations associated with this bus. 导航到与此总线关联的目的地列表。

  16. An Issue can have one or more Tasks associated with it. 问题可以拥有一个或多个与之相关的任务。

  17. Before we discuss the activities associated with the review and refinement ofrequirements, let's address "why" you need to do this. 在我们讨论与评审和细化需求相关的活动之前,让我们提出一个问题,您“为什么”需要这样做。

  18. But as we multiply, so do all the things associated with us, including our livestock.但与人类的繁衍增长一样,所有与我们关联的东西都在增加,包括我们的牲畜。

  19. This reduces cost and overhead associated with governance, or what we callpainless governance. 这减少了与治理相关的成本和开销,或我们称为无痛治理。

  20. Along with subscribing to an alert, you can choose the type of notification channelassociated with each alert. 除了订阅警报以外,您还可以选择与每个警报关联的通知渠道类型。

  21. The program has one performance flaw—I retrieve the string entry in theassociated string table by value rather than pointer. 该程序有一个性能缺陷 —我是按值而不是按指针在关联的字符串表中检索字符串条目的。

  22. You regularly need to review information about one or more projects and theirassociated costs. 您经常需要检查关于一个或多个项目和它们的相关成本的信息。

  23. Note that these include the parameters associated with our expectationmanagement quadrants. 注意这些包括与我们的期望管理象限相关的参数。

  24. It can be connected to another service associated with the enterprisearchitecture, but will not be a service in its own right. 它可以连接到另一个与企业体系结构相关的服务,但是不能单独作为一个服务而存在。

  25. The data, however, is unstructured to an analytical system because there is nomeaning associated with it. 不过,该数据对分析系统而言是非结构化的,因为它没有与之关联的意思。

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