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  move toward , be closer to


  The government's announcement is seen as a move towards settling the strike.


  In this connection,the agreement can be seen as a step toward peace.



  He still had not the courage to approach her.


  Such people as are friendly are easy to approach.


  She approached the bank for a loan.


  There is no one who even approaches his talents.


  Workers, above all, will know how to approach the problem correctly .


  Narration should become a basic approach to preschool education.


  I like her approach to the problem.


  So, which approach should you use? 那么,应该使用哪种方法呢?

  However, we find that there are some issues with such as approach. 不过,我们发现使用这样的方法存在一些问题。

  In the US, we like to take the "all or nothing" approach to weight loss. 在美国我们喜欢采用“全部都要或什么都不要”的方法去减肥。

  Which approach should you use? 您应当使用哪种方法?

  But for this approach to work, there should be a message correlation mechanism.但是要使此方法正常工作,应该存在消息相关性机制。

  So how do you decide which approach to use? 那么如何决定要使用哪种方法呢?

  But I have not yet given up all hope of finding some way of hastening theapproach of sleep. 但我对能找到某种加速睡眠的方法没有完全放弃希望,还看到了一线希望。

   With this approach each data entity includes both the attributes and the inheritedattributes of the class that it represents. 使用这种方法,每个数据实体就既包含属性又包含它所表示的类继承的属性。

  All this is very nice, but there are some problems with this approach. 虽然所有的内容都非常简单,但是这种方法存在一些问题。

  Because SOA is not a project or a technology – it is an approach, that’s why. 因为SOA不是一个项目或一个技术——它是一种方法,这就是为什么。

  How to maintain consistency of approach and delivery? 如何保持方法和交付的一致性?

  While I still like this approach, it also has flaws. 尽管我仍然很喜欢这个方法,但它还是有缺陷的。

  So I went with the other approach. 所以我找了其它的方法。

  If you don't have time to do an entire workout, don't take the "all or nothing"approach. 如果你没有时间做全部的锻炼,不要采取“全部或一无所有”的方法。

  This approach represents the next level of rigor in modeling. 此方法表现出建模中的下一个精确级别。

  Again, one application can invoke a service on another application to inform it of a change, but there are three problems with this approach. 此外,一个应用程序可以对另一个应用程序调用服务来通知其更改情况,但是这种方法有三个问题。

  I know that not everyone will be able or willing to use this approach. 我知道不是所有的人都能或者都愿意去使用这个方法。

  This approach has its limitations. 这种方法有其局限性。

  You cannot approach it cautiously. 你无法谨慎地靠近它。

  The drawback of this approach is that it only moves the rules themselves andregistered columns, but not the metadata associated with them (for example, theexecution history). 该方法的缺点是,它只能移动规则本身和注册的列,不能移动与它们相关的元数据(例如,执行历史)。

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