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  ahead表示向前; 预先; 在将来,为未来的意思,那么你知道ahead的短语有哪些吗?接下来小编为大家整理了ahead的短语,希望对你有帮助哦!


  stay ahead

  保持位置上的领先remain in a forward or leading position

  [说明] stay ahead通常不用于被动结构。

  If I can only stay ahead for a few more yards, I can win this race.如果在最后我能保持领先几码, 我就得胜了。

  ahead of

  ahead of sb/sth

  1.在…前面 further forward in space or time than sb/sth; in front of sb/sth

  She walked ahead of him along the corridor.她沿着走廊走到他前面。

  She was running ahead of me.她跑在我的前方。

  dead ahead

  就在前面 in front of

  The school is dead ahead about two miles from here.从这儿算起学校就在前面两英里处左右。

  draw ahead

  跑在前面, 赶到前面lead; go front

  He soon drew ahead, and left the other runners behind.他很快就赶到前面去了, 把其他运动员甩在后面。

  The opposing team gradually drew ahead.对手队渐渐占有优势。

  fire ahead

  〈口〉开始; 热烈地谈论; 发问begin especially speak; talk actively or ask questions

  Fire ahead, we're all listening.开始讲吧, 我们都听着呢。

  forge ahead

  稳步前进, 突然加速前进 go steadily or quickly forward

  The ship forged ahead through the waves. 那只船破浪前进。

  The trans-Atlantic liner forged ahead through the waves.横渡大西洋的客轮破浪前进。

  1.(使)在前,行进 lead or be in front

  get sb ahead

  An early start will get us well ahead before the crowds.我们早点动身,会远远走在人们的前面。

  get ahead of sb/sth

  That bus has got ahead of the others.那辆汽车开在其他汽车前面。

  We slowed down, to let the other cars get ahead of us.我们减了速,让别的汽车开到前面去。

  go ahead

  1.先走,走在前面 move in front

  Go straight ahead.一直向前走。

  Go ahead, what are you waiting for?往前走啊,你在等什么?

  keep ahead

  保持领先地位remain in a forward or leading position


  1. He looked straight ahead and overtook a lumbering lorry.


  2. Mark was out of earshot, walking ahead of them.


  3. He pushed everyone full speed ahead until production hit a bottleneck.


  4. The election was held six months ahead of schedule.


  5. Henry generally stayed ahead of the others in the academic subjects.


  6. He reckoned the odds are against the scheme going ahead.


  7. Ahead, he saw the side railings of First Bridge over Crooked Brook.


  8. A much bigger battle is ahead for the president.


  9. If prepared many hours ahead, the mixture may separate out.


  10. I'd have to send Tina on ahead with Rachael.


  11. They went ahead without waiting for a reply from the Germans.


  12. The event will go ahead as planned in Sheffield next summer.


  13. The Prime Minister was speaking ahead of today's meeting.


  14. The Socialists may still finish ahead of the pack.


  15. Plans are rolling full steam ahead for the Jamaica Festival.


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