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  look down on


  Don't look down on such activities.


  Look down on women is wrong.


  I look down on man who vents his anger on his family after having a bad day at work.


  I wish you wouldn't look down on this kind of work.


  She changed me with looking down on her.


  It's not polite to look down upon him.




  You may not like him, but you have got to admire his persistence.


  We admire him for his righteousness.


  You had better admire others more than criticize if you want to be popular.


  Visitors admire Beijing for its beauty.


  There is no man who does not admire him.


  I admire at your fortune. 我羡慕你的好运气。

  I admire their hard-working spirit. 我钦佩他们的苦干精神。

  On the one hand I admire his gifts, but on the other I distrust his judgment. 一方面我羡慕他的才华,而另一方面我却怀疑他的判断力。

  I admire her for her bravery. 我佩服她的勇敢。

  We always like those who admire us but we do not always like those whom weadmire . 我们总是喜欢羡慕我们的人,但不总喜欢我们羡慕的人。

  But you have to admire the virus. 但是你不得不崇拜病毒。

  On (the) one hand I admire your ability, but on the other (hand) I distrust yourjudgment. 一方面我钦佩你的才能,但另一方面我不相信你的判断力.

  Much as I admire him as a writer , I do not like him as a man. 尽管他作为一个作家很值得我钦佩,但我却不喜欢他的为人。

  I: What personality do you admire ? 你欣赏哪种性格的人?

  I could only admire the love and courage of that butterfly in his concern for hismate. 我只能钦佩那只蝴蝶在对他的伴侣的关心中表现出爱和勇气。

  Not only do teachers praise her, girls admire her, but boys love her as well. 不但老师们称赞她,女孩子们钦佩她,而且男孩子们喜爱她。

  I admire you. 我佩服你。

  I admire my father. 我敬佩我的父亲。

  Which living scientist do you most admire , and why? 在现存的科学家中,你最钦佩谁?为什么?

  I respect the hermit but admire the crusader—his life takes more of courage. 我尊重隐士,但更钦佩改革者——因为这样的生活需要更多勇气。

  You may not like him, but you have got to admire his persistence. 你可以不喜欢他,但你不得不佩服他那种坚韧不拔的精神。

  "Now they are coming to admire the beauty of these machines, " he said. 他说:“现在,他们正赶来欣赏这些美丽的机械设备。”

  Fine – so support the work of people you admire ! 好吧–那支持那些你崇拜的人的工作吧!

  We’d all like to be stronger. Whether that strength be physical, emotional orintellectual, most of us have an area in which we’d like to improve and haveothers admire . 我们都想要变强大,无论这种强大是在身体上、情感上还是在智力上,而且,我们中的绝大多数人都想要自我完善,赢得别人的钦佩。

  So the tip for the day: Tell those around you how much you admire them orappreciate their efforts. 所以,给你个小建议:告诉你周围的人,你有多欣赏他们,有多感激他们的努力。

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