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abstract同义词是什么你知道吗,跟小编来看一下吧。  abstract同义词如下:  abridgement  digest  essence  outline  precise  recapitulation  summary  abstract释义  adj.(形容词)  抽象的  深奥的,难解的,难懂的  抽象派的  纯理论的;理论上的  观念的  空想的  茫然的,恍恍惚惚的  【数】不名的  【美术】抽象派的  非实际的  纯理论的  n.(名词)  摘要,提要,概要,梗概  抽象派艺术作品  抽象  【化】萃取物,提取物  【逻】抽象概念  抽象名词  理论  文摘,摘录  v.(动词)  使抽象化  分离,析离  <婉>偷走,偷窃  提取,抽取;提炼  转移  概括,做摘要,做…的摘要,写梗概  取自,摘取  使退出,使撤离  把…抽象出  节略,摘录  使心不在焉  abstract例句  用作形容词 (adj.)  用作定语  ~+ n.  Abstract ideas may lead to concrete plans.  抽象的见解可能产生出具体的计划。  “Beauty” and “truth” are abstract ideas.  “美”和“真理”是抽象的概念。  Her head's full of abstract ideas about justice and revolution.  她的头脑里充满了关于正义和革命的抽象概念。  I find it hard to think about abstract ideas like the meaning of life.  我发现思考生命的意义这类抽象概念并不容易。  They are not interested in abstract notions like “equality” or “freedom”.  他们对诸如“平等”或“自由”等抽象概念不感兴趣。  Mathematics is concerned with understanding abstract concepts.  数学涉及对抽象概念的理解。  The research shows that pre-school children are capable of thinking in abstract terms.  研究表明,学龄前儿童具有抽象思维的能力。  Don't speak in such abstract terms.  不要这样抽象地谈问题。  They made an abstract discussion of the crime problem.  关于犯罪问题他们做了理论上的探讨。  Abstract nouns are usually uncountable nouns in English.  英语中的抽象名词通常是不可数名词。  Astronomy is an abstract subject.  天文学是一门深奥的学科。  He is an abstract painter.  他是一个抽象派画家。  用作表语  S+be+~  A flower is beautiful, but beauty itself is abstract.  花是美的,但美本身却是抽象的。  We may talk of beautiful things but beauty itself is abstract.  我们虽然可以谈论美的事物,但美本身却是抽象的。  Beauty is abstract but a house is not.  美是抽象的,而房屋则不是。  This debate is becoming too abstract—let's have some hard facts!  这场辩论变得太抽象了——举一些有力的事实吧!  The idea of happiness is extremely abstract.  幸福是个非常抽象的观念。  These words are abstract and elusive.  这些词概念抽象,难以捉摸。  Her ideas seem a little abstract.  她的想法有点儿令人费解。  S+be+~+ prep. -phrase  Your explanation is too abstract for me.  你的解释对我而言过于深奥。  S+be+~+to- v  His plans were too abstract to be put into operation.  他的计划太不具体,无法付诸实施。  S+be+~+that-clause  The atomic theory of matter is so abstract that it can be fully understood only by advanced students.  原子论高深莫测,只有高级学者才能完全理解。  用作名词 (n.)  Our abstracts derive all originally from the concrete.  我们常用的抽象概念初始均来自具体事物。  Several of her abstracts had been bought by the Tate  她的几幅抽象画已被(伦敦)泰特陈列馆买下。  I'm just talking the abstract now.  我现在只是在泛泛而谈。  I have difficulty in dealing with the abstract—let's get down to some particulars.  我考虑抽象概念有些困难,让我们处理一些具体事情吧。  ~+ prep. -phrase  Please write an abstract of this article〔thesis〕.  请写一份这本书〔这篇论文〕的摘要。  He read through the papers and made an abstract of their contents.  他把那些论文都读了一遍并做了内容摘要。  He will submit an abstract of approximately 100 words.  他将呈交一份约100字的摘要。  There is a section at the end of the magazine, which includes abstracts of recent articles.  在杂志的最后有一个部分,其中包括近期文章的摘要。  用作动词 (v.)  用作及物动词  S+~+ n./pron.  Workers abstract metal from ore.  工人从矿砂中提炼金属。  This machine abstracts salt from sea water.  这种机器能从海水中提取盐。  They have abstracted a rare metal from the ore.  他们已从矿砂中提炼了一种稀有金属。  It is possible to abstract several good points from his discussion.  从他的讨论中提取一些要点是有可能的。  The thief abstracted 50 pounds from my wallet.  小偷从我的钱夹里偷走了50英镑。  The thief abstracted a wallet from his pocket.  小偷从他的口袋中扒走了皮夹。  Please abstract this scientific article.  请给这篇科学论文做摘要。  He has abstracted the speech.  他对讲话做了摘要。  She abstracted the main points from the argument.  她把论据概括成要点。  The noise abstracted the students' attention.  吵闹声使学生心不在焉。  Nothing can abstract his mind while he works.  他工作时,什么也不能使他分心。  用于be ~ed结构  Iron is abstracted from ore.  铁是从矿石中提炼出来的。  The idea of greenness is abstracted from green objects.  绿的概念是从绿色物体中抽象出来的。  He is abstracted by a bird outside the classroom.  他的注意力溜到教室外的小鸟身上

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