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able的同义词是什么你知道吗,跟小编来看一下吧。  able 的同义词如下:  allowed  at liberty (to)  authorized  available  eligible  fit  free  permitted  prepared  ready  willing  accomplished  adept  capable  clever  competent  effective  efficient  experienced  expert  gifted  handy  intelligent  masterly  practised  proficient  qualified  skilful  skilled  strong  talented  trained  able  adj.能够的;有能力的;能干的  able 例句  We shall be able to deal with all sorts of problem.  我们应该能够应付各种困难。  She bet me 20 that I wouldn't be able to give up smoking.  她和我打20英镑的赌,说我戒不了烟。  Free will makes us able to choose our way of life.  自由的意志使我们可以选择自己的生活方式。  By no means was he able to handle it.  这件事他绝对没办法处理。  He is an able man.  他是一个能人。  Difficulties help to forge people into able folk.  困难有助于把人们锻炼成能干的人。

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