a variety of 同义词

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a variety of 的同义词是什么你知道吗,跟小编来看一下吧。  a variety of 的同义词如下:  a difference in character  A snow step avalanched.  a white clayey mineral.  a step partial derivative  a spring to one's step.  a diesel/petrol engine  a narrow brush with death  A man aged fifty years.  a famed poet and musician  a variety of  种种; 多种多样  a variety of 例句  The speaker discoursed knowledgeably on a variety of subjects.  演讲者头头是道地论述了一系列问题。  The dish was accompanied by a variety of pickles.  这盘菜配有什锦泡菜。  I have a variety of books at home.  我家中有好多书。  Society is made up of a variety of people; some are good, others (are) bad, and still others (are) in between.  社会是由形形色色的人组成。有些人很好,有些人很坏,也有些人介乎两者之间。  A trademark used for any of a group of synthetic resins and plastics found in a variety of manufactured articles.  电木,酚醛树脂一种商标,用于存在于各种加工制造物品中的任何一种合成树脂或塑料制品  All of them arrive late for a variety of reasons.  由於种种原因,他们都来晚了。  Participation in social groups in the community is independent of religious affiliation, and one's circle of friends will include people of a variety of denominations.  社会上的社交团体是不管哪个教派的人都可以参加的,而一个人的社交范围包括各种教派的人。  He left for a variety of reasons.  他由于种种原因而离开了。

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