a number of 同义词

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a number of的同义词是什么你知道吗,跟小编来看一下吧。  a number of的同义词如下:  A course of school  a summit in Moscow  a cellular network  a burger franchise  A suit of Big Jian  a lot of furniture  a cockeyed idea.  a neck of  a battle  a menacing weather  a number of  许多;若干(后接可数名词的复数形式)  a number of例句  The bishop conducted a number of confirmations at the service.  主教在仪式上为许多人施行了坚信礼。  A number of cables are needed in this project.  这项工程需要大量电缆。  The Green Party hopes to put up a number of candidates in the General Election.  绿党希望提出若干候选人参加大选。  Quite a number of world famous paintings are on show in this exhibition.  有许多的世界名画在本次展览会上展出。  The play contains a number of typical Stoppard set pieces.  这出戏里有若干典型的斯托帕特式的场景。  A number of soldiers were detached to guard the building.  许多士兵被派去保护这座建筑物。  A number of burglaries have been committed in this area recently.  这一带最近发生了若干起入户盗窃案。  I have consulted a number of law books in the British Museums.  我查阅了大英博物馆里许多法律书籍。

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