a lot of的同义词和例句

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  a lot of释义:诸多; 许多的。以下是小编为大家整理了这个词组的同义词和例句,希望大家喜欢。

  a lot of的同义词:

  lots of ,a large number of ,a large amount of ,a great quantity of

  a lot of的同义词例句:

  We need someone with lots of personality to organize the party.


  He's lots of run.


  You have lots of time to finish the work.


  He is a bold thinker, with lots of original ideas.


  A glossy magazine has lots of pictures of fashionable clothes and is printed on good quality paper.


  I've got lots of famous footballers' autographs.


  There were lots of buffaloes in the North America 100 years ago.


  There are lots of dunes in the desert.


a lot of的同义词和例句

  a lot of 的英语例句:

  I will not burden you with a lot of questions. 我不会提许多问题来烦扰你的。

  We have grown a lot of beautiful roses this year. 今年我们栽种了许多漂亮的玫瑰。

  If the Workers' Party comes in at the next election a lot of industry will bestateowned. 如果工党能在下次大选登台执政的话,许多工业将变为国有企业。

  The party has won a lot of members away (from the opposition party). 这个党把许多党员(从反对党)吸引了过来。

  He bought a lot of fruit such as apples and peaches. 他买了许多水果,如苹果、桃子等等。

  There are a lot of animal parks in South Africa. 在南非有许多野生动物园。

  But we still have a lot to do and a lot of expectations on us now. 但是我们现在还有许多工作要做,同时也肩负着很多的期待。

  As a mother I can do a lot of things for my children, but no matter how hard I try Ican never be their father. 作为一个母亲,我可以为我的孩子们做许多事情,但是不管我怎样努力——我永远成为不了他们的父亲。

  They make a lot of money. 他们挣很多钱。

  I have a lot of complaints about her. 我对她很有意见。

  Smoking a lot of cigarettes can harm and even kill over a long period of time. 长期大量吸烟会危害身体健康,甚至导致死亡。

  He has made a lot of promises, but none of them have been carried out. 他的承诺可不少,但都是口惠无实。

  They went on the spree and spent a lot of money. 他们大吃大喝,花了一大笔钱。

  It took a lot of energy to move the furniture. 搬这些家具费了很大劲。

  So make it work for you…because we don’t have a lot of it. 所以让它为你工作吧,好好利用它,因为我们没有那么多的时间。

  We had a lot of fun learning together. 我们在一起学习有很多有趣的事。

  But what if you have a lot of audio material to listen to, such as audio books orpodcasts? 但是如果你有很多像有声书或播客这样的音频材料要听,那该怎么办呢?

  "You see a lot of stuff, but not this stuff," she said. 她说:“你每天上下班可以看见很多东西,但看不见这个。”

  There is a lot of room for creativity in all of this, but they have little chance ofdeveloping a complete product, from start to finish, without using other softwarefor key features. 在这个过程中他们有足够的创造空间,但是他们却很少有机会开发一个完整的产品,从开始到完成,不用任何其它软件作为主要的特性。

  As mentioned above, their independence means a lot to them and it takes a lot oftime for them to accept that they have to compromise on their independencewhen in a relationship. 就像上面提到的他们珍惜个性的独立,恋爱就意味着不得不做出妥协,牺牲一部分个人独立,要他们接受这一点得花上一段时间。

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