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丰富多彩的同义词,一方面为人们准确、细致地表达思想提供了良好的条件;另一方面,又给英语学习者带来了困难。虽说英语同义词掌握了不少,但在使用方面却不如人意。其原因主要是对同义词的概念和其差异性缺乏了解。下面小编为大家分享2300对同义词,希望对大家有用。  300对同义词如下:  1 abandon = give up 放弃,中止  A catastrophe made people abandon their studies.一场灾难迫使人们放弃了学业。  2 abrupt = sudden 突然的,出其不意的  The abrupt death discouraged many young people.这个突发死亡事件让很多年轻人感到气馁。  3 abundant = plentiful, ample 充裕的,丰富的  California has a hard time providing abundant water to its population.加利福尼亚州处境艰难,不能为居民提供充足的水源。  4 accede = assent, agree 同意,答应  The government will accede to our proposal.政府会同意我们的提议。  5 accessible = reachable 易使用的  New facilities in this university are accessible to foreign students.外国学生可以方便地使用这所大学的新设备。  6 account for = explain 解释,说明  The figures in this table account for an increase in job openings.表格中的数据解释了工作机会增加的原因。  7 accumulate = collect 积累,集聚  The rich tend to spend more time accumulating wealth.富人往往花更多的时间积累财富。 |  8 acquit = release 宣判…无罪  The supreme court acquitted Mr. Wesley of the charges of fraud.最高法院撤消了对韦斯利先生欺诈罪的指控,宣判其无罪。  9 adequate = enough 足够的,充分的  The most challenging part in interviews is when there is no adequate word to express my thought.  面试中最具挑战性的环节就是去充分地表达我的看法。  10 adhere = stick, cling 黏附,附着  Wax easily adheres to objects.蜡容易黏到物体上。  11 adroit = dexterous 灵巧的  Choreographers should be aware of the beauty of adroit skills.编舞者应该明白灵巧的舞技所具的美感。  12 advent = arrival 出现,带来  Since the advent of computers, many goods have been imported faster.自从计算机出现以来,很多商品的进口速度都加快了。  13 affluent = wealthy, better-off 富裕的,富足的  The affluent in that country have become far better-off due to the Government’s industrial policy.由于政府的工业政策,那个国家的富人已经变得更加富裕。  14 aimless = purposeless 无目的的,没有目标的  After failing to achieve your goal, you should get yourself revitalized in  order not to become aimless.  鉴于目标未能达成,你应该重新振作,以免变得没有目标。  15 aggravate = worsen, exacerbate 使恶化  Depression in Japan aggravated the stock market.日本的经济萧条使得股市恶化。  16 agile = quick and active (思维)机敏的  Being agile is one of the crucial qualities to be a leader.头脑机敏是一个领导者的重要才能之一。  17 alternate = rotate 轮流,交替  Good luck alternates with bad luck.风水轮流转。  18 amplify = enlarge 放大  The sound can be amplified in the speaker.声音可以通过扬声器放大。  19 ample = sufficient 充足的,充裕的  Hydroelectric plants need to have ample energy to generate power.水电站需要有充足的能量用来发电。  20 analogous = similar 相似的,类似的  The poems written by Emily are analogous to other artists’ works.埃米莉写的诗与其他艺术家的作品相似。  21 ancient = early 古老的,年代久远的  Highly civilized people lived in the ancient city.这个古老的城市曾经居住过文明高度发达的民族。  22 apart from = except for 除…以外  Apart from the cost, those topics have no need to be controversial.除了成本之外,那些话题没什么争论的必要。  23 arid = dry, barren 干燥的,干旱的  Plants cannot resist such arid conditions.植物经不住如此干旱环境的考验。  24 aroma = fragrance 芳香,香气,香味  Mint has similar aroma that comes from the oil distilled from plants.薄荷的芳香与植物中提炼出来的精油气味相似。  25 arise = emerge 引起,产生  Success arises from patience, perseverance, and endurance.成功来自耐心、毅力和磨炼。  26 astute = shrewd 精明的,敏锐的  We need astute scholars to annotate Shakespeare’s plays.我们需要精明的学者来评论莎士比亚的戏剧。  27 aspire = desire, crave 渴望,渴求  Many people aspire to be exempt from their military service.许多人渴望免服兵役。  28 asset = advantage 有利条件;长处  Confidence is one of the important assets.自信是一个重要的优势。  29 assess = evaluate 评定,评价  There are many ways to assess candidates’ versatility.有很多方法可以评定候选人是否技能全面。  30 assist = aid, help 协助,帮助  Many developing countries are assisted financially.许多发展中国家享受经济援助。  31 assume = suppose 假定,假设,认为  People assume that he is a criminal just from his appearance.人们仅仅是通过外表就想当然地认为他是个罪犯。  32 assure = guarantee 向…保证,使确信  The company assured customers of a high quality.公司向顾客作出优质的保证。  33 attain = win 得到,获得  American people attained freedom to make their dreams come true.美国人获得自由,进而去实现梦想。  34 attest = confirm 证明,作为(…的)证据  The well-behaved boy attests his mother’s care.这个男孩行为端正,这证明了他母亲的悉心教导。  35 augment = increase 加强;提高  Government officials will augment a better service to meet needs.为满足需要,政府官员将加强优质服务。  36 authentic = reliable 可靠的,真实的  Authentic sources are compulsory in investigations.在调查中,消息的来源必须是可靠的。  37 available = obtainable 可获得的;可用的  There is no more information available.不会再有消息了。  38 avenue = means 途径,方法  To the avenue to the prosperity, we need a leader with foresight.我们需要一位有远见的领导者才能走向繁荣。  39 barely = scarcely 几乎不  Manufactured foreign goods can be barely imported in North Korea.朝鲜几乎不进口外国制成品。  40 basic = fundamental, essential 基本的,基础的  The basic rules of business still apply in every sector.基本的商业规则仍然适用于每个行业。  41 believe = be convinced 相信  Catastrophes are believed to be a punishment in the tribe.部落里的人相信灾难就是一种惩罚。  42 benevolent = beneficent 仁慈的,仁爱的  Benevolent attention is necessary to people on their meager earnings.受到善意的关注对于收入微薄的人来说是必要的。  43 bewilder = puzzle, baffle 使迷惑,使迷茫  Michael was bewildered by her questions.迈克尔被她问得不知所措。  44 brawl = quarrel 争吵  After brawling with others, people feel more aggravated.跟人吵架之后,人们会感觉更恼火。  45 captivate = fascinate, allure, lure, attract 使着迷,迷住  His writing style captivated many readers.他的写作风格令许多读者为之着迷。  46 cardinal = fundamental 基本的  Scholars should be fully aware of cardinal principles.学者们应该清楚地知晓基本原理。  47 cargo = shipment 货物  Cargo was loaded on the sophisticated-looking ship.货物被装载在这艘造型先进的船上。  48 catastrophe = disaster 灾难  After the catastrophe, the devastating situation made people give up their lives.灾难过后,骇人的处境致使人们放弃了生命。  49 celebrated = famous, well-known 著名的,出名的  His celebrated novels were sold out in book fares.他的著名小说在书市上销售一空。  50 central = middle 中心的,中部的  Many tourist attractions are in the central part of a city.许多游览圣地都位于市中心。  51 chaotic = unorganized 混乱的,毫无秩序的  The political situation got more confused and chaotic.政治局面变得愈发混乱无序。  52 chronic = persistent 慢性的  A chronic disease causes a patient to feel more depressed.慢性疾病会使患者的精神更加抑郁。  53 circumstance = environment, condition 情况,情形  It is hard to adjust to a new circumstance.新的环境使人难以适应。  54 cohere = combine 黏合,黏着  Molecules can cohere each other.分子可以互相黏合。  55 colossal = prodigious, gigantic 巨大的  The congregation gathered on a colossal scale.人们举行了大规模集会。  56 common = mutual 共同的  People in the club have a common interest in our life.俱乐部成员拥有共同的生活爱好。  57 complicated = complex 结构复杂的  Our human body is very complicated in anatomy.我们人体的解剖学构造十分复杂。  58 comply = keep 遵守,服从  Employees working for insurance companies should comply with all the rules.保险公司的员工应该遵守所有的规定。  59 component = constituent, part 零件;组成部分  Automobile navigation systems require many components.自动导航系统需要很多零部件。  60 comprehend = understand 理解  The structure of a harpsichord, which was an early piano, was hard to comprehend.  大键琴是早期的钢琴,它的构造不易理解。  61 compulsory = required 规定的;义务的;强迫的  Music and Fine Art should be compulsory subjects in high school.音乐和美术应成为高中生的必修课。  62 concern = interest 关切,忧虑  Educational reform was one of the major concerns parents had.教育改革是父母们关注的主要问题之一。  63 consume = use up 消耗  Great quantities of papers are consumed everyday to document information.每天因用文字记录信息而消耗了大量的纸张。  64 confront = present, face 使遇到,使面对  The labor union was confronted with a hard problem.工会面临一个难题。  65 congenital = innate, natural 先天的  Patients who have a congenital deformity should be treated differently.  对于先天畸形的患者应该采取不同的治疗方法。  66 contemplate = meditate, consider 沉思;细想  She contemplated proposals from other committee members.她仔细考虑了其他委员的提议。  67 consecutive = successive, continuous 连续的,不间断的  The team chalked up their three consecutive victories over the Giants.这支队伍连续三次战胜了巨人队。  68 consensus = agreement 一致看法,共识  His speech about real estates brought national consensus unprecedentedly.  他关于房地产的发言史无前例地获得了全国的一致认同。  69 consequence = result 结果,后果  As a consequence, there are more theories to study symbiosis.结果是出现了更多研究共生现象的理论。  70 conviction= belief 深信,坚信  His testimony gave many people a conviction that he was innocent.他的证词让许多人深信他是无辜的。  71 cope with = deal with 处理;应付,对付  Religious leaders should teach how to cope with a difficulty in a society.宗教领袖应该教导人们怎样处理在社会中遇到的困难。  72 counsel = advise 建议  A psychologist counsels patients after tests.心理学家给病人测试之后会给出建议。  73 course = process, progression 过程  History repeats the same course of actions.历史不断重演。  74 crawl = move slowly 爬,爬行  Snakes and lizards usually crawl on the ground.蛇和蜥蜴通常在地面上爬行。  75 creative = inventive, original 有创造力的  Being a creative person is a requirement to be qualified for this job.这个工作需要有创造力的人。  76 crude = rough 天然的,未加提炼的  Crude oil is the only source many Arabian countries make a profit.  原油是许多阿拉伯国家获取利润的唯一来源。  77 culminate = result in, finish 最终达到  Repeated failure in his business culminated in being alcoholic.  生意上的一再失败最终使他酗酒成性。  78 cultivate = develop 种植,培育  People in the tribe were interested in cultivating crops.这个部落的人们对种植庄稼感兴趣。  D  79 debilitate = weaken 使虚弱  During a war time, there were many children debilitated by diseases.战争时期,许多孩子因为疾病而身体虚弱。  80 decorated = ornamental, elaborated 装饰的  Decorated ceramics reveal the Asian beauty.装饰性陶瓷展现了亚洲之美。

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