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  A:Hi,I believe that everyone in the world has his own dream.What about your dream?

  B : In my childhood, my dream was to be a policeman.Because I have watched policemen on the TV. They are so cool

  A: Are you trying to be a policeman now?

  B : No.Now I want to be a writer.Writing can help describe many kinds of lives and also can help remember some important memories in my life.

  A : Wow,it sounds good.

  B : And What's your dream?

  A : Well, my dream is travelling around the world.

  BC : So amazing!

  A : I want to see those beautiful sceneries like mountains,rivers and buildings,and learn other cultures.What's more,I can try different delicious local food.

  C : Your dream is so attractive.

  A : But there are other things I should consider now.

  D : About economy?

  A : Yeah.I must work hard to make enough money to realize the dream.

  E: And you also need to work hard to learn English well.

  A : Of course.

  D: Wish you achieve your dream as soon as possible.

  A : Thanks.The same to you.And what about you,C

  C: Oh,I want to be a doctor,because I can save more lives.

  D:really? But I had heard you say that you wanted to be a teacher,why are you changed?

  CYou know,that is my dream all the time,but now,it has been no possible to achieve.Dwhat is your dream?

  D:WhenI was young, I wanted to be a soldier to defend our country.But then,

  my foot injuredaccidentally,so I missed opportunities. until now, it is also a pity in my hear.

  C:I feel sorry to hear that .But,at leastwe all have dreams,we have to work hard for it.I believe that,even ifwe don't realize it,we are also proud of!

  E: My dream job is to become a diplomat representing my country, preferably inJapan. C:wow! it is so difficult.And how will you do to achieve your ambitions

  E: To chase my dream, I came to Japan to learn Japanese and hopefully obtain a master degree inInternational Relations. After getting my master's degree in International Relations, I would liketo go home and enter the diplomat school for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is a threeyear program, and then, after that hopefully come back to Japan and work for the NorwegianEmbassy in Tokyo.

  A:you are a tough men!And what do you think the causes of success

  C: I think persistence is important on realizing dream? Persistence is a key to success,nobody can deny it, Everyone will meet problems, but not everyone could insist.

  D:YES,In fact, perseverance is another attitude which belongs to optimistic. A famous sayingis that difficulty is like aspring which weakens in faceof a strong-willed but strengthens in face of a faint-hearted. When people run into problems, as long as they persevere, they will be closed to success.because Persistence,even i fail, and i won’t lose my passion.

  A:it moves me,and what's other factors?

  E: Confidence offers people courage to overcome difficulties, what’s more, if people believe themselves, they may meet more opportunities that they had never thought about.

  D:i approve all of you.it just i awnt to say that you have said. what's more?


  D: sociability?

  B:yes, no one can do anything well by themselves, so they need help. At that time, sociable is helpful. It is well-known that success is hard to reach. Therefore,people need others to help them. A sociable person can get help easily, as he has so many friends. On the other side, a

  person is not good at communication, when he gets in trouble, maybe no one helps him. So we can see the importance of sociability to success.

  C:oh,do you have experienced failure?i think it must be,nobody can not to suffer it.

  B:yes,Toward failure,I think this is something we all go through before.It is always said that "failure is the mother of success".I think failure would make us mature.

  E:yes,i want to say more. As we grow up,we learned and often from failures.We learn from what we did wrong and try to do better the next time.Therefore,I think if we can overcome failure,see failure as a motivate to do better then failure would be a stepping stone of our

  dream come true.

  C:i think your dream come true not only because these!

  A:yes, In a word, there maybe not only persistence cofidence sociabilityare essential to success, but I think they are the most important ones, for

  they are the foundation and condition of success.


  Zou: Nice fifty minutes. I almost doze off. What about you?

  Liang: Hmm, not bad. My cellphone was keeping me company all the way.

  Zou: What were you doing with it… Jesus! You play excellent Tetris! How can you

  make it?

  Liang: Haven’t you learned that practice makes perfect?

  Zou: OK, get it.

  Zhang: Oops!!

  Zou: Oh, you scared me! Need help?

  Zhang: I’m sorry but I couldn’t conceal my surprise! Guess what? Gaddafi has been


  Zhao: That’s an old piece of news. I got that last night.

  Liu: But that’s really startling news, isn’t it? It convinces me that offending the USA

  equals to committing suicide.

  Liang: Absolutely. Obama is a professional murderer.

  Zhao: Not only Obama, in my eyes, none of the presidents can be described as a kind

  fellow. Saddam, Bin Laden, and Gaddafi’s death actually reflects their cruelty. Zou: Not exactly. Gaddafi’s death also proves that exploitation can never win the

  confidence of the people. Know how much gold his family owns? He is actually a tyrant. It serves him right to get such punishment.

  Liu: OK, let’s change our topic to sth. easy. Do you know there will be some

  wonderful movies released in a few days? I’m looking forward to them!

  Zhang: Hmm, I want to watch Love is Not Blind. Its first run takes place just some

  days before Nov. 11th-the Singles Day.

  Liang: Really? I’m sure the movie has some special meaning with it. This Singles Day

  is the most unusual one in this centry!

  Zhao: Yeah, that’s right. It seems the movie will get high popularity within our

  country. I can’t wait to book a ticket!

  Zou: You kidding? Don’t ignore the great ability of our people! I bet that there will be

  high definition editions on the Internet just two or three days after the film releases.

  Zhao: I see. Thanks to the Internet, I can save a lot of money. But who can give me

  the links?

  Liang: Trust me, I will find it as soon as possible.

  Liu: Then we three can watch it in the dorm.

  Zhang: Brilliant!

  Zhang: Stop that topic. Have you read the book The Youths We Can No Longer Come Back To introduced by our English teacher?

  Zhao: Ah, I’d like to read it. But I am too lazy to download and read it.

  Liu: I have skimmed it. However, the novel seems too long so that I lost patient to

  complete it.

  Liang: Er, the reality is so universal that girls spend most of their time on their faces

  rather than on books. Zou, let’s tell them some details with sympathy.

  Zou: Ok, in the novel, with all his heart, the author concentrates on the topic-

  adolesence and love faithfully and detailedly. The major character Luo Qiqi never gave up when facing the miserable life.

  Liang: Yeah, she lives in two different worlds: the school filled with homework and

  examination and the society full of fight , drinking, smoking and violence. In addition, the novel reflects the society’s change. Luo Qiqi witnesses the society’s revolution. In the fierce revolution, everyone’s life attitude develops rapidly. Her companions and she share the happiness, sorrow, puzzlement .From the novel, you can be reminded of your own adolescent time.

  Zhao: Hmm, you two boast so much. But it’s none of my business.

  Zhang: That’s right. The bell is going to ring. We won’t listen to them boasting.

  (Running the bell)

  Liu: Time flies!

  Zou: Hey, boy! Lend me your cell phone please! The game seems interesting. Liang: All right. It’s my turn to doze off.

  (The End)

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