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  4人英语会话带翻译篇1:advantages and disadvantages of internet

  C: With the development of computer technology, the Internet has become more and more popular. 随着计算机技术的发展,互联网越来越受欢迎。

  B: Yeah, but do you think middle schoolstudents should surf the internet after class.?是啊,但是你认为学生在放学后应该去上网吗?

  A: Yes, I do. I regard it as a great helper. 是的,我这么认为。我认为网络是一个好帮手。 D: Oh?Why?哦?为什么?

  A:For example, you can surf the Internet for any information you need in a short time without working hard in the library. 比如说,网络上你可以在很短的时间内找到任何你想要的信息,而不需要在图书管理辛苦的去查找。

  D: oh,it sounds so convenient.哦,那样听起来很方便。

  C: Yeah,it is convenient to communicate with others by using the Internet.是的,用互联网来和别人传递信息是很方便的。

  B: However, many people think that there are many disadvantages of the Internet, because there is also some information that is not good for the students. 但是,不少人认为互联网也有很多缺点,因为这里也有许多对学生来说不健康的信息。

  A: That’s also true.Well, it will not only have a bad effect on study but also do harm to our health if we spend too much time to play games on line. 那倒也是,而且如果花费太多的时间在网络游戏上不仅会对我们的学习造成不良的影响,而且也不利于我们的健康。

  C: What do you think we should do?那你认为我们该怎么做?

  D: We should make proper use of the Internet. It is of great importance for us to separate good plants from wild weeds.我们应该合理使用网络,学会分辨好与坏的能力对我们来说是很重要.

  4人英语会话带翻译篇2:online shopping

  B I want to buy a mobile online shopping store and they'll be cheaper.我想要在网店上买一部手机,它们将便宜很多。

  C Do you have a lot of your shopping online ?你是不是在网上买了许多东西?

  B Just so-so. Sometimes I like hunting a bargain at Taobao.com .还可以。有时候我喜欢在淘宝网上淘便宜货。

  D Do you like to shop online?你喜欢在网上购物吗?

  A Yeah. It's really convenient to shop from home. It also saves time.喜欢。真的很方便,不用出门就能买到东西,还节省时间。

  D Is it reliable to buy things online?网上买东西靠谱儿吗?

  B They'll deliver the books to your home for free and if there is any problem you can return them.人家还会免费送货上门。如果发现有问题,还可以退货。

  C I worry about identity theft online. It is easy for theives to steal my account number and password online.我总是担心网上支付的安全问题。在网上帐号和密码容易被盗。

  A That's not a problem as long as you use your own computer and only visit encrypted sites. 用自己的电脑在信誉好的网站买东西,就不会有问题的。

  D What about counterfeit goods?网上卖的东西会不会有假的?

  B Well, some places sell them. So you have to be careful where you shop.有的是。买之前一定慎重选择。

  C I've never shopped online before. How do you go about doing so?我从没在网上买过东西。你怎么买?

  B You can choose what you like from the catalogue and then order online.你可以在产品目录中挑选你喜欢的,然后在网上订购。

  D How do you pay?怎么付款呢?

  A There are different ways to pay: COD, money order, and bank transfers.有好多不同的付款方式:货到付款、邮局汇款、银行电汇等等。

  D How long does it take for delivery?货多长时间能送到?

  B It usually takes 3 days within the city.市内一般三天就能到。

  D Oh.Thank you.喔。谢谢。

  A You are welcome.你不用客气。

  4人英语会话带翻译篇3:college life

  B: 你觉得大学生活怎么样

  A: In business college, have been here for more than a year time, feel to university life is really a fine在建工学院,已经在这里二年多时间了,感觉大学生活真是美好

  C: yes, college life is really quite good, here I can do many I to do their own thing, such as I can see our favorite books, join the club that oneself like, more important is that I can feel oneself like on the course是啊,大学生活的确是挺美好的,在这里我能做许多我自己想做的的事情,比如我可以看自己喜欢的书,参加自己喜欢的社团,更重要的是我可以上自己喜欢觉的课程 B: what do you like most college course你最喜欢什么大学课程呢

  D: I most like cut history for history, I like very much, our ancestors created civilization was great.

  In the learning process, I feel I to motherland culture identification deepened ceaselessly. Through the study, I just know the world to China's misunderstanding, modern ancients understanding. You know, we can't use the vision to judge the ancients now. 我最喜欢上历史课了,对于历史我非常喜欢,我们祖先创造的文明太伟大了。在学习过程中,我感觉我对祖国文化的认同感不断加深。通过学习,我才知道世人对中国的误解,现代人对古人的理解。要知道,我们是不能用现在的眼光去评判古人的。

  A: boon, you say I'm agrees, for foreigners to our misunderstandings too deep, and we don't know much about the country's history, there are many misunderstandings. 恩,你说的我深表赞同,外国人对我们误解太深,而我们对祖国的历史也了解不多,存在许多的误解。

  B: I like a lot of other courses, economics is also my favorite, as long as we think we can go to study, really very happy.我还喜欢其他好多的课程,经济学也是我喜欢的,只要我们想我们就可以去学习,真的很幸福。

  C: then we should cherish this chance more, we must study hard那我们更应该好好珍惜这机会,我们一定要好好学习

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