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  always  adv.总是;一直;始终;永远;随时;无论如何

  usually   adv.通常;经常


  We often deal with him. 我们经常与他打交道。

  He often lunches out with his friends. 他经常和朋友们在外吃午饭。

  They often mucked about with some girls. 他们常和一些姑娘们鬼混。

  She often needles in the evening. 她常在晚上做针线活儿。

  They often remember the pleasant days they had with you. 他们时常想起与你共度的愉快的时光。

  The intensely critical spirit is often the narrow-minded and ignorant one. 极爱吹毛求疵的人往往是心胸狭窄和无知的人。

  He often tells on his classmates. 他经常告同学的状。

  They often bargain away in the shops for hours. 他们在商店里常常讨价还价几个小时。

  We often go out to cinema on Saturday. 我们常在星期六外出看电影。

  They often ribbed her for her accent. 他们常常拿她的口音开玩笑。

  We should often reflect on our past mistakes. 我们应当经常反省自己过去的错误。

  A hedgehog often contracts its body into a ball. 刺猬常常把它的身体收缩成一个圆球。

  They often retrieved some data from a disk. 他们常常从存储磁盘中检索一些信息。

  She often rides her bicycle over our garden. 她常常骑车穿过我们的花园。

  We often recreated ourselves with chess. 我们常常以下棋作为消遣。



  We always dine in on weekdays. 我们周日总是在家吃饭。

  He always sets his watch by mine. 他总是以我的表为准对他的表。

  She always snoops on me. 她总是窥探我的情况。

  I always shower after getting up. 起床后我总是洗个淋浴。

  She always cares about losing her job. 她总是担心丢掉她的工作。

  They always acquit themselves of their duty very well. 他们总是很好地履行自己的职责。

  He always honies up to you, so he must have some attempt at you. 他一直对你甜言蜜语,所以他一定对你有什么企图。

  We always dine out at weekends. 我们周末总是在外吃饭。

  They always clear up their bedrooms before they go out. 他们在出去之前总要先把房间收拾好。

  She always complains and scolds. 她总是抱怨和骂街。

  They usually meander down to the pub after work. 他们通常下班后漫步到那家小酒店去。

  I differed with my partner sometimes,but we usually agree. 我有时与我的伙伴争论,但我们通常是一致的。

  I usually dip into a book before deciding whether to buy it. 我通常先浏览一本书然后才决定是否买它。

  Demand for a product usually determines supply. 一种产品的需求往往影响供应。

  Housework is usually miscellaneous and toilsome. 家务劳动通常是繁杂的。

  The shop usually employs additional salespeople for the Christmas toy trade. 这家商店通常雇一些临时售货员来做圣诞节玩具生意。

  You usually only have to do this once. 您通常只需这样做一次。

  Kitty,what do you usually do with your aunt? 基蒂,你通常与你的姑母做什么?

  What do you usually do after work? 你下班以后,通常都做些什么?

  What people usually do on this day? 人们在这天通常做些什么?

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