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  region, zone, belt


  They are pulling their troops out of the battle zone.


  They have declared their country a, nuclear-free zone.


  Most of China is in the temperate zone.


  Some people live in Torrid Zone.


  The Norwegians live in a comparatively cold zone.


  My uncle lived in the temperate zone.



  The farm has an area of 100 square kilometers.


  This area has not been covered by the communication net.


  We are going to build a school in this area.


  His special interest lies in the area of literature.


  This meadow epitomizes the beauty of the whole area. 这块草地是整个地区的美景之缩景。

  The violent volcanic forces upheaved the land of the whole area. 火山爆发的强大力量使整个地区的土地隆起。

  Recovery ships and helicopters are headed for the splashdown area. 载回船只和直升飞机正向溅落区进发。

  The local shops have been marked in on this map so that people can choose ahouse in a suitable area. 这张地图已将当地的一些商店增加进去,这样人们就能在适当的地区内选择住所。

  When she first came to this pastoral area, she found life here a bit difficult to get used to. 她刚来牧区的时候,生活上感到有点别扭。

  Is the nearest hospital in this area? 最近的医院是不是在这个地区?

  But I would like to prove to them that I can do something for this area —at least,for the women. 但是我希望能证明给他们看,我可以为这个地区做些什么——至少给女人们。

  In this case, by all means focus your tests on that one area. 在这种情况下,尽一些办法使您的测试集中在那个区域。

  You can work on more than one goal at once but only have one goal per area, tobalance them out. 你可以一次从事几个目标,但是每个领域只能有一个目标,使它们平衡。

  I was out with my friend to go see another area that was flooded when we cameacross this and both of us screamed with delight. 我和朋友一起出门是为了去看看另外一片被水淹的地区的,而遇到了这个让我们惊喜地尖叫的场景。

  But they have yet to convince everyone, especially people living in the area. 但他们还未能说服所有人,特别是居住在这一地区的人们。

  OK, so now what the area of this parallelogram? 那么现在这个平行四边形的面积是多少?

  And I have to figure out what is its area? 然后我要求出它的面积是多少?

  Maybe you know what the area is. 也许你们知道这面积是多少。

  This also grants read, edit, or delete access to each site and site area that youhave read, edit, or delete access to. 这还授予对您已具有读取、编辑或删除访问权的每个站点和站点区域的读取、编辑或删除访问权。

  Or buy some land in an area with growth potential. 或者在某个地区买一些有增值潜力的土地。

  Reading helps us in every area of our lives. 阅读帮助了我们,在生活的每一领域。

  But there are pockets of resistance in the area. 但是这一地区还是有小规模的抵抗。

  A: Is the nearest hospital in this area? 最近的医院是不是在这个地区?

  We will discuss them in more detail as we go through each area of theframework. 我们将在讨论架构每个领域的时候再详细的讨论它们。

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