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  a bit of 少量的,一点 a great deal of 很多a handful of 少量的 a (large)number of 许多

  a lot of 许多,大量的 lots of 许许多多的 a place of interest 名胜 a waste of 浪费

  all kinds of 各种各样的 all sorts of各种各样的 at the head of 在……的前头

  in honour of 为了纪念,为向……表示敬意 instead of 代替 in the hope of 怀着……的期望

  in spite of 尽管 regardless of 不管 knock out of 从……中敲出来 make fun of 取笑某人

  make sure of 确定,弄清楚 make use of 利用 masses of 大多数 packs of 大量的,大部分

  at the mercy of 在……的支配下 be made up of 由……组成 be proud of 为……而自豪

  be fond of 爱好,喜欢 be tired of 厌烦 die of 死于 dream of 向往,渴望,梦想

  get rid of 处理,去掉 in charge of 主管,负责 in the charge of 由……掌管

  play the role of 扮演……角色 out of 从……向(往)外 on the point of 正要……的时候

  plenty of 充足的,相当多的remind sb of 使某人想起 run out of 用完 scores of 许多,大量

  take the place ot 代替,取代 talk of 谈论,议论 think of 认为,想到,想起

  take possession of占有,拥有



  石油燃料; Overflow Flag; 属于; 反,对,向上,完全;

  regardless of

  不顾,不惜; 不管,不顾; 不顾,不惜,不注意; 不顾;

  approve of

  赞成; 赞成,满意; 赞赏,同意; 获准,认可;

  inclusive of

  把…包括在内; 把……包括在内; 包括的,包含的; 把包括在内;

  out of

  在……外; 离开……; 丧失,失去; 缺乏,没有;

  介词 of 用法详解

  1.(表所有或所属关系) ……的:

  The windows of the house are broken.房子的窗户破了.

  It's the custom of the country.这是这个国家的习俗.

  Do you know the name of the plant?你知道这种植物的名字吗?

  He knew the result of the exam yesterday.他昨天知道了考试成绩.

  The children of the poor couldn't go to school in those days.那时穷人的孩子上不了学.


  (1) 表所属关系后接人称代词时,通常只能是名词性物主代词,而不能是人称代词的宾格形式.如:


  误:He is a friend of me.

  正:He is a friend of mine.



  正:He is a friend of my father.(强调“他”对“父亲”的交情)

  正:He is a friend of my father's.(强调“父亲”对“他”的交情)


  (2) 注意以下表达在含义上的区别:

  a photo of my girlfriend 我女朋友的照片(照片上的人是我的女朋友)

  a photo of my girlfriend's 我女朋友收藏的一张照片

  (3) 比较以下两种含义相同但表达方式不同的结构:

  my aunt's son =a son of my aunt 我姑妈的儿子

  Africa's future=the future of Africa 非洲的未来

  the book's author=the author of the book 本书的作者


  误:Where's the handbag of my mother?

  正:Where's my mother's handbag?我母亲的手提袋在哪里?

  注:偶尔也可见到 the handbag of my mother 这样的表达,学生最好避免.

  2.(表部分) ……之中的……,……的:

  One of my friends has gone abroad.我的一个朋友出国了.

  Three of the houses are on fire.其中三座房子着火了.

  Of all choices,this is the best.各种办法中,这最好.

  He is a member of the football team.他是足球队一队员.

  3 (表数量、分量、种类等) ……之量的,……份的,……种类的.如:

  Please give me a glass of milk.请给我一杯牛奶.

  There were ten of them.他们一共10个人.

  We need five tons of coal.我们需要5吨煤.

  She bought two pairs of shoes.她买了两双鞋子.

  What kind of fruit do you like?你喜欢哪种水果?


  two cups of tea,two glasses of beer 等,也可说成 two teas,two beers.因为 tea,beer 等既可用作不可数名词,也可作可数名词,表示“一杯茶”、“一杯(瓶)啤酒”等.但是不能说 two milks 之类的.


  She bought a dress of silk.她买了件丝连衣裙.

  The book consists of several chapters.这本书有好几章.

  This is a family of five.这是一个五口之家.


  a table of wood(木头桌子)可视为是 a table made of wood 或a table which is made of wood之省略;The house is of stone.(这房子是石头建的) 可视为在 of 前省略了动词 built.


  We live in the city of Beijing.我们住在北京市.

  There were only three of us.到的只有我们三个人.

  At the age of 18 he joined the army.他在18岁那年参军了.


  比较以下结构有 the 与无 the 含义不同:

  two of us 我们当中的两个人(指部分,即我们一共不只有两个人)

  the two of us 我们两个人(指全部,表同位关系,即我们一共只有两个人)


  Loss of health is worse than loss of wealth.失去财富比失去健康更糟.

  The Party pays great attention to the education of children.党对儿童教育非常重视.

  The writing of the letter took me three hours.写这封信花了我3个小时.

  Columbus' discovery of America occurred in 1492.哥伦布于1492年发现美洲.


  of 前通常是一个表示动作意义的名词,与 of 后的名词构成一种逻辑上的动宾关系.又如:

  love of one's country 爱国 (比较:love one's country)

  the telling of lies 说谎(比较:tell a lie)


  We waited for the arrival of the next train.我们等待下班火车的到来.

  You must try to gain the support of the voters.你必须设法得到选民们的支持.


  这里说的主谓关系,指的是of 后的名词与 of 前的名词(表动作意义)构成一种逻辑上的主谓关系.又如:

  the shooting of the hunters 猎人的射击 (比较:the hunters shoot)

  the breathing of a fine swimmer 优秀游泳运动员的呼吸 (比较:a fine swimmer breathes)


  Birds of a feather flock together.物以类聚.

  What he says is of great importance.他讲的话很重要.

  His wife is a woman of ability.他妻子是一位有才干的女子.

  China is a big family of many nationalities.中国是一个多民族的大家庭.



  They were both of middle height.他们俩中等个子.

  These boxes are of the same size.这些盒子都是同样大小的.



2.-’s 所有格和of





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